How to Show Love to Your Cute German shepherd Puppies


The American Kennel Club (AKC) annual dog survey reveals that German Shepherds (GSD) are the second most famous dog breed in the U.S. Various security agencies including the military and police use German Shepherds due to their high intelligence, agility, and strength. Recent behavioral research shows that dogs dislike being hugged. But, GSDs love being shown affection by their handlers and owners. The following are five ways that you can show love to your cute German Shepherd puppies.

      1.Look at Them Directly in Their Eyes

Takeumi Kikusui, a Japanese animal behaviorist discovered in an experiment that several millenniums ago, dogs won the hearts of human beings using their eyes. The same trend continues to date. Some philosophers claim that you can look at someone’s soul through the eyes. When you directly look at your German Shepherd puppies’ eyes, it will trigger their brains to produce oxytocin. Dogs use the same technique to bond with their puppies.

      2.Sleep With Your Cute German Shepherd Puppies

Recent studies show that sleeping with your puppies will help them relax. You can create more space for them in your bedroom. About 60 percent of dog owners sleep with their pets. Dogs have a temperature that is three to six times higher than ours hence enabling them to warm your bed at night. Your German Shepherd puppies’ rhythmic breathing can help you fall asleep fast. Moreover, German Shepherds are protective of their owners.

      3.Study Their Facial Expressions

German Shepherd puppies change their facial expressions when they are hungry, disappointed, happy, and sad. You can observe such changes using high-quality cameras when they see you or when a visitor enters your homestead. Unlike human beings, various emotions influence dogs to make particular facial movements. For example, your puppies will raise their left eyebrows when they see you but not when they see a stranger. Dogs have learned to express emotions through facial expressions from human beings.

      4.Lean On Your Puppies

GSDs are a social breed that likes having physical contact with handlers and times, they get too excited and they can jump on someone. Generally, German Shepherd dogs lean on their owners to catch their attention. Still, it can be a sign of fear or being insecure. So, it is advisable to often lean on your puppies to make them feel appreciated and loved.

      5.Be Yourself

At times, it is tricky to determine what a dog is thinking. Surprisingly, German Shepherds can determine the mood of their owners by listening to their voice, observing their actions and body language. Have a consistent routine of playing or taking walks with your puppies. It will improve their health, strengthen your bond and help you train them as they grow. Correcting mistakes that a previous GSD’s owner did isn’t a walk in the park. Some people like training German Shepherds from when they are young.

Puppies love us but they express their feelings in a different manner. German Shepherds like receiving affection and approval from their owners. It is important to use the right dog language for your puppies to understand you. Call von Wa-Bo German Shepherds at (949)463-8821 if you need cute German Shepherd puppies. We also sell trained young GSDs at affordable prices.