Unbelievable Benefits of Smart Home Lighting

If you were told just a few years ago that you could control the lighting in your home using your phone or just by using your voice; you might think this was wishful thinking. But not anymore because technology has made it possible and you can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting right now.

You can choose the right light for watching a movie, having dinner with family or friends, or reading your favourite novel – all without changing the lights. Controlling them is easy too. To use WiFi lighting, you need a mesh networking system that connects all smart bulbs in your home with each other. 

Let us find out more about the fantastic benefits of smart lighting.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Here are some of the many advantages of a smart lighting system: 

Control Your Lighting Remotely

You don’t need to leave your chair or get out of bed to switch off your lights. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and you can also regulate the amount of light you want. Smart LED bulbs can also be activated using voice automation. 

Some WiFi LED bulbs from Crompton can switch between 16 million colours for individual and grouped bulbs. They can be operated with voice control support through Amazon Alexa. Adjust the colour or brightness of your bulb with a single touch. 

This dimmable and tunable WiFi bulb lets you control your bulb’s brightness or colour according to your mood. You don’t need to worry about adjusting the light mode after a power outage; the bulb maintains the last light mode. Some leading lighting companies come with their own app, such as Crompton’s MyCrompton App that helps you easily connect, set up, and then control the bulb regardless of your location. 

The grouped smart devices can be controlled with one voice or touch control. You don’t need an additional hub for using these smart bulbs. You need to install the app and register yourself to use it. You can connect to these bulbs from anywhere using WiFi and the app. 

Have A Light Schedule

These smart bulbs enable you to have a light bulb schedule. This means that you can regulate which light will be switched on when. The light schedule can be automatically set so that even if you are not at home, unwanted elements like burglars feel that your home is not empty.

Since the scheduling is done so that there is no predictable pattern, people entering your home would feel that there is someone inside and that it is not automated lighting. 

Linked To Sensors

The smart bulbs are also connected through the WiFi network to security systems like sensors. If there you feel that there is an intruder, then the bulb switches on automatically giving you higher security. If your guests are trying to go visit a particular section of your home, these lights are activated to help them find their way. This enhances your security to a great extent and gives you peace of mind. 

If children are trying to leave your house without your knowledge, these smart bulbs will immediately be activated. Not only will the lights be turned on when children are moving about the house, but due to smart connectivity, the lights in your room are switched on to keep you alerted. 

Signalling Entry

You might be engrossed in your party at home when there could be an important visitor. The noise at your party could prevent you from realizing there is someone at the door. Smart lighting makes sure you can see there is someone at the door. So no matter how loud the decibel levels are, you are always aware of any visitor and can attend to them. 

If you thought this was unimaginable, then you will be thrilled to know that smart bulbs could notify you when there is a text message, Instagram message, or email. The lights could either blink or change to a different colour. 

Customized To Your Mood

What is smart lighting if it does not understand your mood? You might be in the mood for a party or want to relax after a hard day at work. Your lighting can be customized to different settings and moods. Whether you want to set up the right ambience for a romantic date or something for late-night illumination. 

Your lights can be set according to the time of the day. Have your piping hot mug of coffee in your kitchen under bright lights while the other parts of your house get minimal lighting. You can use dimmers to give you that relaxing ambience and switch to a more vibrant light when it’s time to party. 

Bonus: Lower Electricity Bills

Apart from these, there’s also one added benefit that usually comes with smart lights since they are usually LED lights. The WiFi LED bulbs consume much less energy compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. You save up to as much as 90% energy compared to traditional bulbs with the same wattage. An LED bulb uses just 2.5 watts to produce 115 lumens compared to 15 watts by traditional bulbs. These bulbs can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years or 15000 to 25000 hours when it comes to longevity. Longer life means less expenditure on replacements. It’s true when they say that smart bulbs last a lifetime. You get the dual benefits of lower recurring costs and one-time initial investment. 

The smart LED bulbs also are environmentally friendly since they don’t use mercury and are bio-degradable. Not only do you save on electricity, but you also protect the environment. 

Smart Lighting For a Smarter Life

When automation is a major part of our personal and professional lives, why should lighting be left out? Switch to smart lighting and enjoy life kingsize. Whether it is your safety or your mood, modern lighting tools take care of all your needs. So, when are you changing to a smart life?


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