5 Important Rules and Basic Commands for Training German shepherd Puppies


According to a poll recorded in Today.com News, 74% of people like dogs while only 41% like cats.

A well-trained dog is disciplined and more likely to be loved than an untrained one. If you own German shepherd puppies, you are obligated to shape their behavior as early as possible through effective training.

So, how do you train your German shepherd puppy? Let’s find out below.

Important Rules for Training Your German shepherd Puppies

The best way of training a German shepherd dog is using verbal and gestural cues to teach simple commands like “come,” “Go,” and “Eat.” You can add some treats and praises every time your puppy achieves a milestone in learning so they can keep encouraged.

However, that’s not all it takes to train and raise a disciplined German shepherd dog. Here are more rules on training and instilling discipline to your German shepherd puppy you should consider.

  1. Your Puppy comes from a Bloodline of Working Dogs.

This is one built-in breed-specific function you must always consider when training your German shepherd puppies.

German shepherd dogs are herding and guarding dogs who also qualify for excellent sniffer dogs used in search and rescue missions.

When training your German shepherd puppies, you need to have all these in mind. It would help if you concentrated on building these abilities to ensure your dog grows up assimilated to its true nature.

Your training should stimulate your puppy into becoming a polite and obedient dog but still aggressive and hardworking.

  1. Potty Training is Important – Do it Early and Right.

One of the major reasons people dislike dogs is their poor grooming and potty skills. Your German shepherd puppy will always be on the move, and without proper potty training, you can rest assured that you’ll be meeting dog poop everywhere in the house.

It would help if you understood how frequently your puppy needs to be taken out and train them to stick to the routine to learn to take themselves out in the future.

When you meet dog poop in the house, don’t be in a rush to punish your puppy. Instead, please wait until you catch them in the act to give them a deserving punishment that will reprimand and redirect them in the right direction.

  1. Train Your Puppy from Different Places and Each Time Start from Scratch

For us humans, it is easy to learn one trick, generalize it and apply it in different setups and environments. The case is different for dogs. If you need your German shepherd dog to master the arts you’ve taught him, you need to be patient and resilient.

Once you’ve taught your dog how to sit and relax in the living room, you might as well need to teach them how to sit and relax in the kitchen from scratch!

  1. Reward-Based Training is the Best Way to Go

Rewarding your German shepherd puppy during training will help you yield effective results within a short time. Your German shepherd puppies will use their cognitive abilities to associate the reward with behavior or action.

The most common types of rewards you can use to get to your puppies include praising them verbally, buying them a toy, giving them a tasty meal, or a scratch on the neck.

  1. Master the Art of Fully Capturing Your Dog’s Attention

After a few sessions with your dog, you should learn what they like and don’t. Use the things they love to capture their full attention, and once you have it, use it to optimize the training session. Once you have your dog’s full attention, you can train her in any setup without too much strain.

Bottom Line

Training your German shepherd puppies can be a daunting task, but not following the right rules. You can always seek help from top sellers like Von Wa-Bo, who will guide you through training your new puppies effectively.