Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding


Destination weddings are growing in popularity these days. It offers you the chance to travel to a beautiful location you have dreamed of and spend time with your loved ones while celebrating your married life. There are a variety of landscapes, seasons, and wedding themes to select from.

Hosting your wedding somewhere other than your home has a lot of benefits. Services like Love You Wedding make the experience of your destination event worth remembering. Here are a few top justifications for having it!

  • Simple to Plan

Organizing a marriage ceremony somewhere other than close to where you live can be extremely intimidating, and it may seem like more work than holding your wedding locally. However, local coordinators and all-inclusive wedding packages already tailored to specific styles and price ranges make it generally simple to plan a spectacular destination wedding.

  • Potentially More Affordable

It’s no surprise that weddings can end up being costly affairs. What you may have intended to be a small family gathering may quickly become a luxurious experience with a sizable guest list.

You can combine some of the high costs of being married by opting for such a plan, such as combining your marriage site and honeymoon location into one. Resorts frequently offer you (the newlyweds) a free upgrade and a good discount on lodging for your family and friends.

  • Spend Time with Your Loving Friends and Relatives  

It can be challenging for the couple to find time to speak with every guest at a traditional (local) marriage, especially when there are many. However, a destination wedding typically means that your guests will visit one to two days before your marriage, make sure to spend quality time with them and create unforgettable memories in your venue. Knowing the ideas to make a guest list smartly is always beneficial.

The extra time before the big day also ensures that the guests from each family member’s side may mingle and get to know each other, making the celebration on your wedding day more engaging and laid back.

  • Numerous Possibilities to Take Breathtaking Pictures

When you have a local marriage, you could notice that your pictures resemble those of other individuals you know who also were married nearby. Your photographs might not be particularly distinctive or depict a stunning natural setting.

But when you have an event planner, chances for distinctive and fantastical photographs are everywhere. Working with a local photographer will increase your chances of capturing stunning and unforgettable images. They know how to capture the finest pictures given the available light and exposure to any natural elements. 

Why Hire Wedding Planners?

Event planners, or those that reside where your marriage will take place, are knowledgeable about the surrounding area and the best wedding themes and decor that fit various budgets and tastes. They can also recommend vendors based on their strong connections with regional event vendors. 

Planners like Love You Wedding help you by taking care of all the details for your big day, which can help eliminate the many problems in planning a marriage ceremony. Working with a skilled event planner will allow you to choose how involved or hands-off you want to be in the preparations for your special day.


It’s normal to think of the time spent preparing for your wedding as a stressful period in your life during which you’re constantly on edge, pressed for time, and feeling anxious. It need not be that way, though. An event planner will make you love the planning and the day itself. Additionally, as a team, you will play a crucial role in the decision-making process. You won’t ever feel lost or confused since they will always lead and help you. They will be a reliable resource who is always there for you.