Production Crew Guide: What to do During on Set

Making a film or even short movies may take a long process because you need a budget, professional workers, and a long planning period. It is already common to see advice about how to create an engaging video, but few have told what you need to do during the production process. Remember, it is also not easy because staying all night is typical for people working in the media.

The deadlines are also brutal! One day late and everything will suffer. Before going for a video production service in Singapore, you must know what to prepare for the on-set shoot. With this, you can come prepared and help the crew finish their daily tasks for your video projects.

Before going to the production site, here are some tools and kits you should not forget to bring.

Things to Bring on the Production Set

As a part of the crew, you must do your job to make the video production successful. Your director will give you a task, but you can also take the initiative to take responsibility,y like bringing essentials on set. To help you, here are some things you need to include in the production scene for a successful production with film companies in Singapore.

  • Construction Tools –When going to a set, construction tools may come in handy, especially if you need to fix the props of the scene. You can bring tools like screwdrivers, rope, string, clips, work gloves, tool belts, boots, shoes, and wrenches. These may come in handy when you need to fix minor errors in your settings so the shooting will be seamless.
  • Notebooks and Pens – As a crew, you need to remember all the details during the scene. When the director said you need to improve this area and edit this scene, you must not forget them. So, during the pre-production of your video content creation services, you will remember all the things that need improvement.
  • Folding Tables and Chairs – You will go from one place to another when shooting video content. So, bring a foldable chair where you can take a rest after walking all day long. You can also include foldable tables where you can put the items or belongings of other crew members.
  • First-Aid Kit – During video production, accidents can happen, cutting your fingers with sharp objects. Even if you are doing motion graphics in Singapore, you still need to work on-site, so other people can tell you what to do with your editing designs. For this reason, you need to bring a first-aid kit to ensure that everyone will stay safe throughout the shooting scene.
  • Protection Gear – You also need to bring protective gear to ensure safety from injuries, especially if the set is under extreme weather conditions and risky settings. You can ask the film companies if they can provide these things for a safer production journey.
  • Extra Battery and Power Banks – The shoot may take hours or even days before packing up for the next shooting scene. So, do not forget to bring extra batteries and power banks to keep your phone running throughout the process.

Here are some things you need to bring for your shooting day. Also, continue reading to learn more about what to do during the video production set with film companies.


What to do During the Production Set

There are many things you need to remember during the production process. It is normal to forget something essential and cause a delay. To avoid this situation, here are the things you need to do during the production set for the video production service in Singapore. Once you do this, you can know more about what you must do when working with the other crew members.

1) Be Nice to People

Hierarchy is evident in the production set, from directors to floor assistants. It is possible to see higher people in positions who will shout at their colleagues because of power disparity. This way, it can demoralise the crew and provide less effective performance. Being in a higher position does not give you the right to belittle other crew members.

Be nice to people and show that you respect everyone. During the video content creation services, you must practice good communication to show that you value everyone’s role in the production set.

2) Order Good Food

Teamwork makes the dream work and is also applicable in production sets. So include everyone and make them feel welcomed. To do so, you can order goods during periods or even in post-production when doing the infographic video production. This way, you can bond with each other and get to know more about your colleagues. A portion of delicious food can also lighten up the mood and keep the crew energised (even if they lack sleep.)

3) Set a Goal

There are many things you need to do before producing a video. You must find a location, fix the setting, arrange the lighting, and edit and publish the video. It may seem overwhelming, but you can set goals to keep everything smooth. For instance, you can set a week for editing or days for finding the best set location for your movies or short films. For sure, the film companies will help you stick to a goal on a day-to-day basis to achieve the final result with no trouble or conflict among the crew.

4) Have Fun on Set!

Do not be too serious while on the set. You can also have some fun with other crew members. Keep the mood light while working because it will help you overcome the stress of video production with film companies.

Keep in mind that there will be pressure from the director because of deadlines, especially if you are doing video content creation services. The company will expect a perfect output. To prevent stressing the crew, have fun and enjoy the process. Plus, the movie is all about art! When done under constraints, the result may not be satisfactory.

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