5 People Whose Images Change Instantly with Sunglasses

Muzzle dog in sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes against UV rays is common knowledge. But we all know that image plays an important role in determining what sunglasses are purchased. None of us wants to buy a pair of shades that makes us look like a dork. We want our sunglasses to say something powerful. We want them to create a new image.

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of designer-like sunglasses to do just that. Whether you choose something from Salt Lake City-based Olympic Eyewear, or a more expensive brand owned by Italy’s Luxottica, you care about the image your sunglasses present.

To prove the point, here are five people whose images change instantly when they throw on the right pair of sunglasses:

1. The Police Officer

Imagine being pulled over by Officer Friendly for failing to signal a turn. He approaches your car with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. What do you have to worry about? Nothing, until he pulls out his stunning black wayfarers and puts them on. Suddenly, Officer Friendly starts looking more like a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. The Volleyball Player

You can recognize the volleyball player when you see her. She’s got the uniform; her hair is bound tightly to keep it out of her face; her hands are taped in just the right locations. But wait. Does she play indoor or outdoor volleyball? You won’t know until she removes the sweat suit. Either that or wait for the sunglasses. A good-looking pair of designer sunglasses mean she is headed for the beach.

3. The Musician

A guitar player standing on stage with a brand-new Fender and a leather jacket is still just a guy playing guitar. He lacks the ‘it factor’ that separates average guitar players from truly great musicians. A pair of sunglasses changes everything, though. Put the right pair on that average guitar player and he suddenly becomes a rock star. Just ask the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood.

4. The Soccer Mom

Do you remember the days of soccer moms running their kids all over town in the minivan? Well, minivans may have gone out of style a decade ago, but soccer moms are still going strong. They are the mothers whose lives revolve around family activities.

Your average soccer mom is pretty easily identified at the local park. She has that look about her. Give her a pair of designer sunglasses and a sporty hairstyle and she is suddenly supermom. Throw in some pop music blaring over the car sound system and she’s the coolest mom in the neighborhood. What kid wouldn’t want to ride in her SUV?

5. The Energizer Bunny

Okay, the Energizer Bunny is not a person. It is still worth mentioning in the context of this discussion. Let’s face facts: the Energizer Bunny will look like any other stuffed animal without his shades. Or at least any other stuffed pink rabbit wearing flip-flops and banging a drum.

The point is that the shades give him that air of mystery, that image of raw power – which is exactly the point. Try running the same commercials without the shades and see what happens. The Energizer Bunny wouldn’t be so awesome, now would he?

Sunglasses really do make a difference when it comes to image. It’s no wonder we spend so much time standing in front of the rack and looking in the mirror. Most of us would spend hours if that’s what it took to find the right pair of shades. Either that or we just wouldn’t wear sunglasses all.