How Powerful Is Influencer Marketing Services?

Choosing the right platforms and channels to market your business is the key to seeing your ROI skyrocketing. Branding, communicating to the prospects in their language, and coming up with the most effective marketing strategies can turn your marketing dollar into gold. But you don’t really have to stress out about all that. Turn to influencer marketing, and you’ll see the results coming in sooner than you might expect.

Influencer marketing requires businesses to partner with popular influencers on different social media platforms to promote their services. Influencers have a say among their large pool of engaged audiences, and their word can help brands build credibility, engage their prospects, and even generate sales.

Want to see the real power of influencer marketing services? Let’s dig into some details.

Online Advertising Is Nowhere Near The ROI of Influencer Marketing

A case study of the impact of influencer marketing on the sales of Silk Almond Milk revealed staggering results. With influencer marketing, 11x ROI was generated compared to that of the banner ads. Here are some stats to show you the impact it created.

  • Households that viewed the message from influencers bought 10 percent more products as compared to those who didn’t.
  • Every 1000 individuals that came across influencer marketing messages purchased Silk products worth $285 more than what the members of the control group did.
  • Only blog posts (with no social promotion) generated 11 times the ROI generated by banner ads after a year.

So, these stats certainly show what businesses can achieve through influencer marketing services.

Why Influencer Marketing Has Become A Trend With Top Brands?

First of all, influencer marketing is still a relatively new marketing strategy. It’s a viable solution for those who want to take a different approach towards building trust among their prospects. Here are a few reasons why brands trust influencer marketing more than any other marketing channel.

  1. Influencers Enjoy The Real Power

Nothing can generate sales in a more effective manner than word-of-mouth marketing – the old-school concept:

  • Almost 74% of buyers say that their buying decisions are influenced by referrals
  • Around 70% of teenagers say they trust influencers and take their advice

So, that’s the reason why brands prefer influencer recommendations instead of magazine, newspaper, and TV ads.

  1. Influencers Are More Social

We all are on social media, and even our grandparents use popular social platforms today. A large number of social media users look for top brands and products there too. So, when you have a solid following on social media platforms, you can interact with your prospects better.

Influencers take advantage of their huge social following to introduce your brand or product to a massive target audience simply by introducing your product on their social pages.

  1. Influencers Can Affect SEO

SEO is the way to go for brands to increase their visibility online. And, increasing your following on social media with the help of an influencer can also help you improve your overall SEO as well.

Even though your presence on social media may not be a sure-shot ranking factor, it signals search engines that you enjoy a massive following making them believe you’re a brand that people trust.

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