Jewelry Trends for Men


A few years ago, the word of jewellery was mainly associated with women. Nowadays, men’s jewellery has also become a top and every elegant man should not forget about a necklace. Thanks to this, he can express and underline his style and personality. This is an absolute must have for many styles which make them complete. This article will tell more about different types of jewellery worth to have by every man.

  1. Men’s jewellery – a final element
  2. Men’s jewellery – sacral necklaces
  3. Military style in an elegant way
  4. Bling bling
  5. Men’s jewellery – how to not put foot in mouth?
  6. Something modern
  7. History = current trends

Men’s jewellery – a final element

Fashion is changing. It is hard to disagree. Back in the 90s, men wore earrings in their ears, then they have earrings in eyebrows, lips and finally tunnels in their ears. However, these temporary trends passed quite quickly. Moreover, the things that used to be fashionable, now they became a synonym for kitsch. Although there is one element of male jewellery that does not go out of fashion.

They are necklaces. They are the quintessence of a good style and elegance at the same time. The perfect choice is a classic chain. It is stylish and suits even a suit or tuxedo creating an elegant whole. It is obvious that you must remember about the proper length of the chain which is about 60 cm. If you wear a white shirt you need only the chain itself without any pendants.

Moreover, there are numerous types of necklaces that consist of various chain links. Some examples are: figaro chain, box chain, curb chain, belcher (also called rolo) chain, anchor (well-know as mariner or rambo) chain, rope chain, snake chain, spiga (also called wheat) chain, bead (also called ball) chain, gucci chain and a few more.

Men’s jewellery – sacral necklaces

An interesting choice for lovers of current trends and at the same time appreciating elegance are sacral necklaces. This is currently the most fashionable trend in gold shop- The GLD shop that have began with American celebrities. In this case, necklaces resembling rosaries are an excellent choice. For believers, they can have additional symbolism – they may express their deepest faith. Sacral necklaces may have different endings, for example in the form of a cross. It is also worth to choose precious materials, starting with silver and ending with gold. You can also choose necklaces with the sign of infinity which also have their symbolism or geometric version. They certainly add style to every outfit.

Military style in an elegant way

Men’s jewellery was once worn only by the aristocracy. However, after many years it is still a synonym of style in the French edition. Also now, through jewellery you can express your position or show prestige. However, it does not mean wearing a kilogram of gold necklaces. All you need is a properly selected silver men’s jewellery and you can feel and look elegant. 

If you are looking for an interesting choice, you should try so-called immortals which until recently were associated with soldiers. However, now they are very popular. Therefore, it is an absolute must have for anyone who values fashion and at the same time puts an emphasis on elegance. It is worth to purchase single or double plaques on a thin chain. Such pendants reflect elegance in the vintage style. What is more, you can engrave some inscription for the badge, for example an important and exceptional date.

Bling bling

This year, the most common are large and spectacular necklaces. The more bling the necklace is, the better. You should purchase them in gold shop- The GLD shop that where are available in great price.  

Men’s jewellery – how to not put foot in mouth?

As you already know men’s jewellery should be elegant, so it is worth choosing good quality materials. Silver or gold necklaces are sufficient if you are looking for minimalism when you want to look elegant. In fact, the modesty in this case is completely indicated. It is obvious that necklaces with beads or plastic elements are definitely passe and they can be described as trash. It is worth to focus on more precious materials such as gold shop- The GLD shop. 

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Something modern

When Kim Jones have taken over the designs of the men’s collections at the Dior fashion house, accessories have started to play an equally important role as the clothes themselves. On the catwalk customers have already seen belts and bags with a characteristic snap system developed by Matthew Williams for the Alyx brand and shiny jewellery. However, Jones refers to it in the future showing at the same time the futuristic face of Dior. There is no way to pass by the silver signet with the golden detail. The men should not be afraid of wearing such rings because they look great and they are extremely trendy these days. 

History = current trends

If you need some inspiration, it is worth to learn more about fashion history. These days the fashion returns and when something was passe, today is trendy. Over half a century ago, James Dean and Elvis Presley wore heavy bracelets with engraving. Today they are still popular. It is one one of many examples where past patterns are common after few years and even decades. 

Jewellery is not only an element of decoration among women but also among men. If you want to find the most suitable piece of jewellery, it is worth to follow the rule that focuses on simplicity. It is the most proved method that will help you in selecting the right ornaments.