People We Never Expect to See Wearing Cheap T-Shirts

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There are certain types of people for whom the cheap T-shirt is part of the daily uniform. Take tech giants, for example. It is hard to imagine Serge Bryn, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk in anything other than their signature T-shirts. Tech giants in three-piece suits just do not fit the mold.

On the other hand, there are other groups of people that seem as though they wouldn’t be caught dead in a cheap T-shirt. It is not that they have anything against retailers like Five Dollar T-Shirts, it is just that they prefer to dress in more formal clothing. In light of that, it might be fun to take a look at a few groups for whom cheap T-shirts are not an option.

1. Royal Families

The royal families of many countries never go out in public in casual clothing. Even Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, though she doesn’t necessarily don a royal robe and a ton of bling, still never leaves her home in anything less than a formal dress with white gloves and a hat.

The Prince of Wales is rarely seen without a collared shirt and jacket. More often than not he is also wearing a tie. It is just what is expected of royalty. They dress up when they are in public. One wonders if they have license to wear cheap T-shirts in their private quarters.

2. Nightclub Singers

The rock ‘n roll gang is free to wear whatever they want on stage. The Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead are testament to that. But your typical nightclub singer cannot get away with ratty street clothes. In a high-class nightclub, nothing short of formal evening attire is acceptable.

For some reason, jeans and a T-shirt are not fitting of the guy behind the piano. They are not appropriate dress for the svelte blonde lady singing on stage. No, nightclubs are a different vibe that call for a completely different look.

3. Members of the Clergy

Another group of people that cannot seem to pull off jeans and T-shirts is the clergy. In some religious systems, the men wear rounded collars while the women wear head-to-toe habits. Where formal uniforms are not required, members of the clergy still tend to wear professional clothing.

Of course, it all goes out the window at modern, relevant, Protestant churches that cater to young people. It is perfectly fine for their pastors to come on stage in cheap T-shirts and no shoes.

4. The Political Class

Next up is the political class. These are the presidents, prime ministers, representatives, etc. They are the ambassadors and bureaucrats. They only wear casual clothing in public when doing so helps boost the public image. Otherwise, it is professional clothing only.

Remember presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama? Both of them caused a stir whenever they dispensed with the tie and wore an open collar. Political pundits and fashion mavens alike were aghast to think that America’s most distinguished leader would do such a thing.

Neither one went so far as to make the cheap T-shirt standard dress, but it’s fun to imagine how the world would have reacted had they done so.

5. Secret Spies

Last but not least is the spy community. The James Bonds of the world always dress in dinner jackets or formal gowns, don’t they? It seems that way. Secret spies have such an aversion to T-shirts that they make no room in their closets for them.

Ah, yes. The trusted T-shirt is a wardrobe staple for most of us. It’s too bad that some folks just can’t relax enough to wear one.