Renting in Switzerland


Finding rental property in Switzerland can be a tall order as there is always a demand for housing. Due to the competition to rent, decent housing can be very difficult to find. Finding a good house in Switzerland, especially in the cities, calls for quick action.

This means that you make your move the moment an appropriate home or apartment turns up because chances are, there will be at least a hundred others vying for the same.

Swiss Rental Houses

A majority of the Swiss rent their homes. Only about forty per cent own their homes. If you want to move to Switzerland for business, you will obviously want to go to the major cities such as Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Basel.

The rental rates in these cities are much higher than what you would find in rural areas. With the majority of the population opting to rent, this means that there is a wide range of residential properties up for rent. You will find some of the following properties to choose from:

  • Former farmhouses
  • City-centre apartments
  • Châteaux
  • stately homes

With the rise in demand for property in Switzerland, the prices have also gone up steadily. Areas such as Zurich, Basel and Geneva are especially affected seeing as they are the favourite cities to live in. Very few properties are available for rent at any time.

Applying for property here is akin to applying for a lucrative position in a top-notch company. You provide as much information as you can in a bid to appear more attractive than your competitors.

The Situation Currently

Finding rental property is a little easier than it was a few years ago according to a 2016 survey. It is a lot easier to find accommodation in the German-speaking parts than the French-speaking ones where it takes up to four months to find a rental home.

It is a lot easier to find great accommodation via real estate companies such as Cosmos Values. Going it alone may take you months and when you finally land one, it may not be satisfactory.

The Pros of Renting Swiss Apartments

There are advantages to renting Swiss apartments especially if you have a family with children. These pros include the following:

  • Communal parking
  • Greens space sometimes with a playground
  • Long-term tenancies
  • Sense of community

Landing on a community that has so much to offer a family would be a huge advantage. The leases can last even fifty years which means that you can settle down and concentrate on work engagements.

However, you need to be aware that the Swiss are generally reserved by nature. You must not be too concerned if no one lands on your doorstep with cookies to welcome you into the neighborhood immediately you move in.

Renting Versus Buying

When you move into a new country, it is advisable to rent first. First of all, you are not familiar with the property market in the new country. Personal experience will give you a better idea of what it is like and equip you with strategies.

As previously discussed, finding appropriate residential property in Switzerland is not as easy as one would wish. Purchasing the same comes with a whole new level of issues. Therefore, it would be easier to rent, and then give yourself time to look around for property to purchase.

As a non-citizen, you may find it doubly complex to purchase property in Switzerland. Your rights to buy and own property in the country are restricted. Also, Swiss property does not come cheap.

While property owners enjoy a better tax situation, property can take a while to sell. It is therefore only worth buying a home in Switzerland if you plan on staying for at the very least, five years.

Finding rental home in Switzerland may not be the easiest, but with assistance from experts such as Cosmos Values, you should not have to wait for as long as most to find suitable accommodation. Engaging the right people gives you an advantage over your competitors.