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Football fantasy games have gain popularity since their origin. People love to watch and play these games to entertain themselves. Fantasy premier league comprises of various types. Each

Auction league

In this type of league, owners start with the proper set amount of money to bid the player. There is no need for having a snack order of picks. The benefit of the type of playing in this league is that one can bid as long as they have money left. One thing while choosing this type of league to keep in mind is that one has to choose players wisely. Pick the one in which you have to invest less otherwise your remaining funds will not help to fill up the roaster.

Redraft league

In the type of league in each season owners use scratch to start the league. The rosters are arranged or drafted in a snake order. In this type, one has to pick in the order form. For example, the first pick will be at the start of the first round, the second one at the end of that round and so on. People find various options to create the draft order. There are different ways to pick the order. One can use the random draw or pick according to the prior year.

Keeper leagues

If you want to take your leagues to a higher level then keeper league is an ideal option. In this type of Fantasy premiere league, the keeper selects a certain number of players to move on next year. For example, if you choose players as a keeper, you will keep them in a team every year. The keeper league rules are decided by the commissioner. It can be changed every year. So, one decides to select the two team members according to the rules. It is the choice of the commissioner, what rules to be implemented.

Dynasty leagues

In Champions league fantasy game type, the dynasty owners keep the complete roster for the next year. The owner may keep hole members in the team or may skip some. Most players remain in the team for next season. For long term success, the owner first looks and decide toa dd member to provide them a long-term success.

Empire league

In this type of league, mainly dynasty order is followed and winners get the prizes from the league. The owner creates the side pot, in which cash is placed from the league fees. To win this pot, the owner has to win the league for two consecutive years. Those who win for two years get the reward of this pot.

Football fantasy game has become popular, there are many other leagues played in this category. These include SuperFlex Leagues, IDP or Individual Defensive Player leagues, Pirate Leagues, Daily fantasy sports. Each one has its own rules and owners show interest according to the profit they can gain trough the games. Type of leagues also depend on the period. The traditional type runs for a long time while the daily one is those that last for a short time. The later types are managed by internet companies who charge the fees according to betting pools. They charge specific percentage to take part in the specific league type.