How to Watch Movies on Solarmovie for Free? 


Are you searching for the video streaming site that offers the latest movies? Want to spend your free time watching movies without spending money? Then why to worry as Solarmovie is one of the best video streaming platforms that provide all types of video content free of cost. There are many others like 123movies, p2p4u and Hdonline. These are also free of cost and you need not pay a single penny. Now the question is how to watch movies free of cost and what is the procedure to follow that you play the movie without any hassle. Let’s have a look at the procedure below.

Open the site to sign up

When you first open the site, you see the homepage with a variety of options like featured, movies, tv serials, IMDB movies and more. On clicking anyone the site will demand the signup. No need to hesitate to open the sign-up page. Now enter your email and give a password to become a member of the site. So easy isn’t it? Now once you become a member, whenever you open the site you just have to sign in to move to the next step.

Selection of movie

After signing in the next step is to select the movie. You will get different options for selecting the movie. You can use either a search bar to find your favorite movie. Just write down the name and then search it. or you can use the options on the toolbar. Here you will get options like

  • Features
  • Country-wise movie
  • Tv serial
  • Popular movies
  • IMDB rated movies and tv serials.

Click on anyone to check the rating of a particular video and then hit on-playa to start the video.

Is there any requirement for watching free movies?

Although the Solarmovie runs free of cost there is a need to fulfill the system requirements. You must have the latest Windows version like 7,8 or 10. Along with your computer must have a high-resolution graphics card that supports 4K or HD version movies. It is important to run the videos smoothly. Otherwise, you don’t be able to watch movies and you may find hindrance or movie may run slow. So, to avoid such a situation try to check the compatibility of your computer so you don’t have to face any problem while running the movie.

You can also check all the rage faces site to check further information related to the system compatibility as well as the requirement to run the movie smoothly.

Watching the latest movies was not easy in previous years but due to advancement in technology, these video streaming sites have made possible to watch the latest videos. You can now click on any movie of your choice and then watch any time with high quality. Watch your movies with your family and friends just like you are sitting on the cinema. Sign in and entertain yourself. Kill your spare time by watching 4K movies.