How to Find the Best Local Vinyl Music Store

High-end hi-fi turntable with tone arm playing vinyl record

Got a craving to buy some vinyl, but not sure where to start? First, you need to find some good local music stores in Melbourne that carry vinyl. This article outlines how to do exactly that. Read on to find out more. 

Ask Friends Who Like Music 

If you have friends who particularly like music, then your quest for the best music stores in Melbourne will be made somewhat easier. They will be pleased to help you, and chuffed that you thought of them. Make sure you ask specifically for recommendations for vinyl music stores, as not all music stores will carry vinyl. Your friend might ask if you want new or used vinyl, as some stores carry one or the other, or both. At any rate, you’ll be sure to get some good recommendations for music stores with the help of your music loving friends. 

Look in Music Media 

There are various kinds of music media, from the old fashioned print street magazines to online blogs and forums where you might find out about any local vinyl music stores in Melbourne. Street mags are central to the music news lifeblood of Melbourne and will no doubt mention local vinyl music stores in their reviews of gigs that happen at these stores, or via a range of other channels. Some music stores may even act as sponsors to modern music media. 

When you have a specific question to ask, such as “where can I find good vinyl music stores in Melbourne?”, visiting an online forum can also be useful. There are hundreds of social media groups and other forums for music lovers where you can ask for recommendations.   

Ask People You Meet at Gigs and Parties 

The best way to get a range of decent recommendations for vinyl music stores in Melbourne is to cast your net wider. One way of doing this is to ask strangers you meet at gigs and parties for recommendations for good stores in your area. Some people might not know anything, but if you pick your audience, you may strike gold in the form of some good tip offs. If you’re hanging out with a crowd of people who really enjoy music and like to keep tabs on the latest developments in that area, then they’re likely to be prime candidates for decent recommendations. 

Search Online  

It’s always best to try to find recommendations for vinyl music stores in Melbourne by word of mouth, because the buzz around a place will quickly tell you about its reputation among the vinyl connoisseurs. But if you’ve asked around to no avail, then you could try searching online for an answer. Just search for vinyl stores in your area and see what comes up in the results. Also pay attention to any ratings previous customers have left about the places listed. Some vinyl music stores have a reputation for being snooty, while others are friendly and helpful. Take all these things into consideration when choosing the best vinyl music store in your local area.