B. Merry Studio Creates Unique Hunting Knives with Awesome Ivory Handles


Hunting knives are probably the most popular of knives (outside the kitchen, that is) and have a wide variety of uses – from hunting to the skinning game, slicing and cutting, deboning and gutting, and even as a deadly weapon. It is almost impossible to trace the history of the hunting knife because ancient civilizations have fashioned different sorts of blades from various materials – shell, bone, or stone, depending on what is available to them. Only during the invention of metal did we see the modern hunting knives as we know them, being more efficient and easier to use than the types of blades from the ancient days. 

Modern Hunting Knives

Thanks to modern science and technology, today’s hunting knives are sleeker, handier, and have even more different types depending on how they are used and how they look. Some of these hunting knives are the camping knife, the classic hunting knife, and a multi-purpose kind designed to do necessary jobs in a usual camping trip. 

Another hunting knife is the Bowie knife, which is historically being touted as the “original hunting knife” invented by an American frontiersman. This type of knife is larger and is designed chiefly for fighting during the 19th to 20th centuries. 

A skinning knife has a thinner blade and is used mostly to cut through animal skin precisely to avoid damaging the hide. The edge is designed to withstand many uses, especially when there is a large animal for skinning, and the grip should be steady and not prone to slipping. 

A boning knife is another specialized hunting knife used to cut meat from a hunted animal. This type of knife is a little more flexible to slice the meat from the bone. Some knives combine a skinning knife and a boning knife, often called fillet knives, primarily used for skinning, scaling, or slicing fish. 

Today’s modern knives also have different kinds of blades, and each is designed for various purposes. A clip point is the most common and is the most widely used for various purposes – basically anything that a knife is supposed to do. The drop point blade is the standard for hunting knives because of the larger curve designed to prevent nicks, with serrations closer to the handle. This blade is more durable and provides better control compared to the clip point. 

Modern Grips and Handles

No matter what type of blade or knife, the handle, and the grip is just as important in a hunting knife. If the grip or handle does not provide stability or control, the knife has a higher chance of slipping, or worse, injuring oneself. There are many types of handles – wood, metal, stag, or composite.

The most common type is wood since they are softer on the hands and much easier to handle. Metal is another popular choice because of its durability and maintenance, but it is much more prone to slipping. Bone handles provide a firmer grip and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Ivory hunting knives are rare and exquisitely beautiful to the eyes, and B. Merry Studio is a store that creates such unique hunting knives. 


Custom Knives

As B. Merry Studio can customize knives according to your standards, you can choose what kind of blade, how long, and choose from a wide variety of bone handles. For a collector, the addition of a customized ivory hunting knife can be a crown jewel, especially if the ivory is the rarer kind. 

Shop for the best and most unique hunting knives at bmerrystudio.com – whether you are a collector or a hunter, the customized ivory hunting knife is something that you should not miss!