How a Lawyer Can Help You with Compulsory Acquisition



There are many ways that land acquisition lawyers can help you with compulsory acquisition proceedings, from understanding what’s happening and the process involved through to offering help without fees and optimising the amount of compensation you’re owed. Read on to find out more. 

Comprehending What’s Happening 

Many people will not have heard of compulsory acquisition and may therefore not understand what it means for them. That’s where land acquisition lawyers can help you grasp what exactly is going on and what rights you have in the process. Compulsory acquisition means that a government body is taking land from a homeowner, leaseholder or business in order to put it to use for public benefit. An example would be obtaining land to create parks, roads or railway infrastructure. The person who initially owned this land is given compensation for this act. If that person is you, then you should contact land acquisition lawyers to help you get the highest rate of compensation possible. 

Understanding the Process

Compulsory acquisition is a clearly delineated process, with compulsory steps for the acquiring authority and the land owner or renter. You need to be responsive at the right times and be aware of your rights and responsibilities, something which only land acquisition lawyers can help you with. For example, the acquiring authority must follow the four stages of reservation, notice of intention to acquire land, notice of acquisition and compensation. If you are unhappy with the amount of compensation offered, you can get support from your land acquisition lawyers and come up with a counter offer of compensation. Working with lawyers who are experts in this area of law will give you the best chance of optimising your compensation amount. 

Boosting Your Compensation Amount

Many people who find themselves the victim of land acquisition may not even realise that they have the right to negotiate on the compensation that is owed to them. Don’t let this be you – hire land acquisition lawyers as soon as you realise there is a process of acquisition over your land so that you can prepare yourself with greater knowledge and power in your situation. Land acquisition lawyers can advise you wisely on what to do to boost your compensation amount from the proceedings. 

Helping with No Fees

It’s worth noting that you won’t incur any costs from land acquisition lawyers, as the acquiring authority will be compelled to pay your fees if you own the property in question. This means that all the time and effort going into your case will be free of charge for you, and this is the case even if you don’t win in your claim for a desired amount of compensation. This means you really can’t lose when it comes to hiring land acquisition lawyers, as long as you own the property under compulsory acquisition. If you do not own the property in question, you may then be liable for fees. For example, if you’re renting a residential or commercial property, but you will still be offered some level of compensation for your inconvenience.