What is D Cell Solvent Trap?


A clean firearm is more dependable and safer. A solvent trap is a firearm accessory that is used in cleaning. This cylindrical tube is composed of several metals, patterns, and finishes that are connected to the threaded receptacle of a firearm before sealing off with an endcap. Any excess solvents or liquids accumulated during the cleaning process are collected and stored in this setup. This also includes the debris and deposits that come from the flushing of a firearm. After the waste is collected in the trap, the trap can then be removed and disposed of, or recycled if you have somewhere to place it.

Solvent traps have cups or dividers that trap the byproduct from the cleaning process.

Why do you need to use a solvent trap?

As a firearm owner, you will agree that it is vital to maintain a firearm by keeping it clean after every use. We keep firearms ready in case of dire situations where we need to use it; hence, regular cleaning will ensure that it is safe and dependable to use whenever the moment comes. Solvent traps come in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as different materials. Stainless steel, carbon steel, lightweight high-grade titanium, and various types of aluminum are some of the common materials in the market.

The D Cell Solvent Trap

This is a high-grade solvent trap kit that catches the stuff that drips out of your firearm during the cleaning process. There are several D cell solvent trap kits in the market so you have to find someone who only sells high quality. The compartments between each stackable K-shaped storage cup are safe and dry because of the lip on the bottom of each storage cup.

How to use the D Cell Solvent Trap

Examine the item
If this is the first time you are using a d cell solvent trap, check for the following cleaning paraphernalia: round tube with a groove design, eight stainless steel K-shaped storage cups, sealed end cup, and end cups.


To assemble, lock one side of the round tube with the thread mount size that fits the firearm you are going to clean. Slide the K cups into the round tube and then lock the other end using the sealed end cup. Once locked, you can clean your firearm and not worry about making any mess because they will all be contained in the D cell solvent trap tube.

How to choose the best solvent trap

The right solvent trap kit for you will depend on your design, style, and material.

If you are a firearm enthusiast, then this is an integral part of your collection. Make sure that you get what you need based on your budget.

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