Versatile and Unique Jewellery Pieces You Should Own


There is always an unnecessary pressure to look like you are fresh off the runway every time you step out. Hoarding is celebrated and people feel something is wrong if they have to repeat an outfit or even an item of jewellery. In this article, we will focus on jewellery and how with the same pieces you can create a new look each time. If you are a little smart with what you buy and how you wear them, then you will not be worried about repeating things every again. This whole procedure can seem a little overbearing and overwhelming but with a little bit of help, you will be good to go.

We understand your concern and want to help you out and so we have put together a list of some versatile and unique jewellery pieces that you should own which will help you build an envious personal style statement.

  • Necklaces that can be adjusted – necklaces that can be adjusted either in the way they look and or how they are layered, can help you achieve a different look each time. You can either wear it alone or adjust the size and wear it with someone else as a layer. This will help you work with it with different outfits with different necklines. Some necklaces where you can rotate the design and wear it as a brand new one is also something that you can look out for. Sometimes you can wrap the necklace around your wrist and wear it like a bracelet as well and create a whole different accessory out of it. It is all about how you to choose to style it.
  • Stackable bracelets and rings – layering and stacking is a trend that everyone loves because of how chic and stylish it looks. It helps you create different styles with minimal effort. Stackable bracelets help you create looks from minimalistic to very edgy, all with the same pieces of accessories. They are easy to mix and match and create a different style each time with various combinations. With rings also, you can stack them all in one finger or spread them across various fingers and go from a day to a night look very easily. A single diamond ringis also extremely versatile in nature and works with just about any outfit that you choose to wear it with. Whether it is an Indian or a western outfit, you cannot go wrong with it. You can also look for designs of gold ringsthat are stackable if that is the route you want to take with your personal styling.
  • Charms or pendants that are interchangeable – there are earrings that are available of which the charms are interchangeable, giving you a new look each time. They complement various outfit and makes your styling easier. You can do this with a single chain and a single pendant as well. Additionally, chains with multiple pendants are also interchangeable in nature that you can mix and match and add or remove as per your mood and the outfit that you are wearing. Some charms can be worn as a pendant and even as an earring.

It is important to understand that there is not one recipe that works for everyone. Different people have their own unique likes and dislikes and hence following what someone else is doing might in fact prove to be more fatal than it will be helpful. It is important to find what your own personal style is, what looks best on you and then get going accordingly.