Memorable men’s Jewelry that can sparkle on the red carpet!


When special events arrive, you want to look your best. Dress to the nines and add in just the right accessories for any occasion. Jewelry options are the best at giving your overall look that ultimate pop!

Let’s Talk Basics

An excellent way to determine which tones and styles of jewelry to wear depends on your skin tone. Tan and dark skins can take advantage of either white golds or yellow golds as well. Lighter skin tones, go for more yellow golds; some white golds and silvers can also add just the right touch depending on your skin’s overall tone. You can also do a trial run with your jewelry to find that perfect color that goes with your skin tones. 

Your Eye color can make a difference, as well. Darker eye colors stand out with a brighter pop of colors when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry. Silvers with dark undertones can make a statement when it comes to eye color and a necklace. Lighter color eyes in the blue and green ranges, consider yellow golds that have a brighter finish. 

When it comes to jewelry and accessorizing for men, there are so many different ways that you can go for that perfect look for any special event. But, always strive for that red carpet look in what you choose. It will help boost your confidence in many ways and show that you genuinely care about yourself and how you look. Either keep it simple or go big. Just make sure that it works for you and what you are going for. 

Dressing For That Special Occasion

A perfect combination, especially if you are going to the main event, would keep things simple and classic. A nice dark suit in black, navy, or even charcoal would look great with a Gucci Link Chain bracelet along with a matching ring. Going with white gold or silver for the combination is sure to add just that slight hint of sparkle; you may need to up the full effect of your evening wear. Remember, though, when accessorizing, be sure to consider your eye color and skin tone as well. It will improve the overall confidence you are going for. 

Going for that huge pop of color, look at pinstripes, reds, deep greens, and even some blue tones. Again consider your skin tone and the overall look that you are getting. Go big or go home, as the saying goes. Bring on the accessories with all bling, wearing a bow tie, add a necklace, bracelet, and ring. Just be sure the color flow is there with matching tones in golds and silvers. Coordination is a major key when you want that stand outlook. Don’t forget, however, on some occasions; simple may be best. 

You are going for a more rugged yet well-dressed look. Take it down a notch, go with a nice pair of slacks, button-down shirt, and an overcoat. It will still look classy. But don’t forget those unique accessories. This outfit would look great with a Gucci Link Chain, and the most trending pendant will complement it. However, keep it small, don’t go big, keep the bling on point. Tie in the look with a matching bracelet, and you are sure to wow that special woman in your life and still have the red carpet treatment going on. 

Even if you plan a night in, you should consider dressing for that special someone. Simple Jeans and a T-shirt look great with a Gucci Link Chain necklace and bracelet. Any way you go, adding just the right touch of jewelry is bound to make you stand out as someone who truly cares how you look and feel. Make sure you look at options and what goes best with specific colors. Dark shirts go well with golds or silvers, and Light-colored consider golds for sure. It will add just the right pop. 

Men also need to feel good about themselves, and adding just the simplest of touches to an overall look means a lot. It can show confidence and self-esteem. Yes, we all indeed need even those small boosts to our self-esteem; it can elevate our overall behavior towards ourselves. 

So when it comes time to dress to the nines with that red carpet look, be sure to check out the fine lines offered when it comes to jewelry and accessorizing. You will be excited to see the range of jewelry options available with Ice Mob. Our collection will wow you for those special pieces that can go with any outfit that you put together for a special event or day in your life.