Tips for Buying Antiques From a Pawn Shop

Antique collecting can be a fun hobby and way to find some great pieces with history that you can’t find elsewhere. What makes antiques unique is not only that they are older and from a different time period, but that they have had previous owners with their own stories.

When getting rid of furniture and trinkets, many people will choose a pawn shop to sell their antiques. You don’t need to go to a specific antique store to buy antiques; here are some tips for buying antiques from pawn shops.

Where to Find Pawn Shops With Antiques

Most pawn shops have many antiques throughout the store. While some of the items sold at a pawn shop are not old enough to classify as an antique, someone with a great eye and willing to explore will be able to find the antiques they are seeking.

Typically, a piece has to be over 100 years old and a masterpiece of its own time before the styles changed to contemporary to classify as an antique. Many people sell their antiques to pawn shops, so you are bound to be able to find antiques at almost any pawn shop.

The Best Antiques to Buy at Pawn Shops

Although you can find many types of antiques at a pawn shop, there are some specific antique items that are best to find at a pawn shop as opposed to others.

  • Jewelry: Many pawn shops have many pieces of jewelry that classify as antique. Old heirloom pieces of jewelry, maybe family relics, are often sold to pawn shops.
  • Vintage Cards: Card collectors know that certain cards are worth more than others, but people who may be selling an old childhood collection may not realize the cards they sell to a shop are antique collector’s items,
  • Watches: Older, authentic watches are very valuable items you can come across at a pawn shop. The seller may not have known that grandpa’s old watch was an antique, and it can be your newest antique purchase.