Reasons Not to Lose Hope Until You Receive the Results of Your Business Pitch


The decision to accept or reject your business pitch lies with the investors. Most of them won’t tell you the results after the presentation. You might have to wait for a few days before knowing if the investors will fund your business idea.

The problem is that even if you don’t know the results yet, you should consider their reactions during the presentation. As such, you might feel like there’s no hope that your pitch gets approved. Before you get there, realise that it’s not yet over. Consider what to do next only after getting the results.

Investors maintain a poker face

It’s natural for investors not to show any emotion as they speak. They don’t want you to know what their ultimate decision will be. You can’t conclude anything based on facial expressions. Some of them might look unhappy, but they already feel excited to get started with the partnership. Others seem to agree with what you say by nodding, but they don’t like what you’re saying. The point is to not get anything out of the expressions. It’s pointless to guess. Besides, many investors won’t decide until they get back home and study the details.

Just try your best

Don’t think about the potential results while you explain your ideas. You will feel distracted. Stick with your business plan and try your best to explain your thoughts to the investors. Use slides and show them on the screen through a projector on the ceiling to ensure everyone in the room sees the details. You also don’t want to keep talking for hours. No one would listen to you. If you have visual aids, it’s easier to explain your thoughts. Keep talking until you finish the presentation.

Answer the questions thoroughly

Apart from your presentation, the investors will also consider how you respond to questions. Open the floor for a question and answer session. Try your best to answer everything politely. Use your slides to back up your response. If you don’t know the right answer or don’t have complete data, be honest about it. It’s better to tell the truth than to create a fake response to sound impressive. If you didn’t have a satisfactory presentation, you could still make up with how you respond to questions.

Think of an alternative once you know the results 

It’s pointless to worry when you are yet to know the results. However, once you already received the decision, it’s time to take the next steps. Look for alternatives if your proposal got rejected. Perhaps, the investors are looking for something else. You didn’t make it this time, but there’s always an opportunity to do well elsewhere. Try reaching out to other investors and see where it goes. Once you found the perfect partner, you can make your plans a reality.

Be patient and don’t think ahead of the results. Be open to suggestions and polish your plans until they’re worth doing.