Plastic Pallets: What Are The Most Common Benefits?


Plastic pallets are now one of the trending aspects of the massive industry. The traditional pallets were made out of wood and could be customized as per the requirements of logistics firms. Not that they are not used anymore, but that’s just about it. It is because plastic pallets have now taken the leading position, and why not? It comes with several benefits, after all! Now that every industry deserves some evolution, pallet racking is no exception. In this post, let’s learn about the advantages or benefits of choosing plastic pallets briefly. 

Why should you choose plastic pallets over traditional ones? 

The beginning of evolution starts when people start realizing the disadvantages of the present situation. In this case, it was the use of traditional wooden pallets. So, here is a list of points that will tell you why plastic pallets successfully took over the position within a very short time. 

Increased durability and longevity

Plastic pallets have proved that these are steady enough to bear the repeated pressure of being in a closed-loop system. While the traditional wooden pallet can stand only till 10-12 uses approximately, the plastic ones can go on and on for over 200 uses! 

Lighter weight

The plastic pallets weigh lesser than the traditional wooden ones. There is a double advantage in this case. The fact that plastic pallets weigh less makes these less of a hassle for employees, and they can easily handle the pallets. Secondly, the total shipping cost required is also lesser because the net weight is not too much compared to a traditional wooden pallet. 


One of the most important benefits of plastic pallets is that they can sustain through heavy-duty procedures. On the one hand, plastic pallets can easily travel from one point to another. Not only that, but since plastic pallets don’t crack, warp, or scuff like wooden ones, it is possible only to carry out product display on the floor. 


Plastic pallets are not only more efficient but more user-friendly and non-hazardous. However, in wooden pallets, likely injuries are issues due to wood splinters, loose joints, nails, and more. 


We are all aware of the three magic words- Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Moreover, children in primary school are taught about the benefits of saving trees. Now, plastic pallets play an important role in justifying whatever we all have learnt back in school. Since these are a lot more durable than traditional wooden pallets, the total waste material amount is very low. The ratio is almost 15:1 for plastic pallets to wooden pallets. Besides, you can recycle plastic pallets completely. It means that the company has to pay a lesser amount towards landfill and disposal cost. 


As mentioned earlier, plastic pallets can bear pressure of any type and can remain very steady. Even amidst extreme weather conditions, while it becomes an issue for wooden pallets, plastic ones don’t even warp a bit. Besides, unlike the traditional wooden pallets, the plastic ones do not let chemical permeation easily.