How to Increase Fuel Efficiency for Your Ford F-150


Keep your truck powering through the mud and around busy cities with improved horsepower and fuel efficiency. If your Ford F-150 is experiencing lowered fuel economy, or you want to save on your next stop at the fuel pump, follow these steps for improved fuel efficiency. From the best exhaust mufflers to a new catalytic converter, there are plenty of premium parts and aftermarket options to give your truck the pick-me-up it needs.

Perform a Tune Up

Your Ford F-150 uses a highly specialized air/fuel mixture. Even the slightest difference in airflow or fuel injection can lower the efficiency of your engine. Ask a trusted mechanic to perform a tune up, or swing your truck into your own garage to check it out yourself. Be sure you don’t have any error codes related to your fuel injection or exhaust systems, as these could reduce your fuel economy.

Inspect Your Catalytic Converter

How’s your catalytic converter doing? If you haven’t taken the time to inspect this essential part lately, look for signs of damage of clogging. Your converter balances the need for reduced emissions with the need for excellent fuel economy. Aftermarket Ford F-150 catalytic converters can offer you a better balance of the two, so it’s worth investing in a new converter if yours is getting clogged or harming your fuel economy.

Be sure you choose a converter specifically designed for your exhaust system. If you choose one that isn’t designed for the exhaust of your Ford truck, it may not give you the performance you need. Even worse, it may not even fit your exhaust system. Unless you’re replacing your entire exhaust system, look for a catalytic converter that’s compatible with your OEM exhaust.

Swap Out Your Air Filter

Another common air/fuel issue is a clogged air filter. Without proper flow through your air filter, your F-150 won’t have the air input it needs to power through difficult trails pulling a heavy load. Inspect your filter and look for signs of wear. If it’s past its prime, consider replacing it with a high-flow air filter. Don’t push a filter past its recommended lifespan. If you do, you may experience a decrease in fuel efficiency. A clean, new air filter can help you get the performance you need.

Upgrade Your Exhaust System

For a heavy-duty option that’s sure to give your F-150 the power it needs, swap out your entire exhaust system. Whether your old system is rusted and filled with holes or you’re simply unhappy with the performance of your stock exhaust, an aftermarket option is an excellent investment. High-performance exhaust systems can increase your fuel efficiency, amp up the hearty growl of your engine and even increase its horsepower.

From the best motorcycle performance exhaust to the latest Ford F-150 exhaust replacement parts, find all the fuel efficiency aftermarket accessories you need for your truck. Restore your original power and performance, or take your truck to a whole new level with these exhaust options. Shop online to easily match your favorite parts with your make, model and year of truck for hassle-free shopping.