What documents do you need to buy Car Insurance?


We carefully research and assess our needs while buying a four-wheeler. It should accommodate our family and give them the best comfort and facilities. The four-wheelers manufacturing companies in India offer numerous specifications and features on their models. Safe driving and following the law are as important as meeting your expectations.

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, made it compulsory for every motorised vehicle to hold valid Car Insurance. You protect yourself from repair expenses while complying with the legal requirements. Before selecting the plan, you should know about the documents required and the coverages offered. 

Documents for buying Insurance

Suppose you buy Car Insurance online for the first time. You need to submit documents mentioning your name, birth date, address, gender, occupation, driving license information, vehicle registration number, and a copy of the registration certificate. You also need to submit details of your Credit or Debit Cards and Net Banking for making online payments.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has notified that all vehicles should have a valid PUC certificate. It is mandatory as it proves that the four-wheeler complies with the prescribed emission norms. Get it from computerised facilities for checking pollution levels available at petrol pumps and workshops.

Documents for renewal

The list of documents required to renew the Car Policy issued by the IRDAI is standard for both public and private sector General Insurance companies. Besides the policy renewal form, input details like your name, gender, birth date, occupation, address, driving license information, vehicle registration number, registration certificate copy, old policy number, and Internet Banking details.

Changing the provider

You may change your Car Insurance Policy provider per the directives of the IRDAI. You can switch companies during or after the completion of the current policy period. Submit identity proofs, passport, driving license, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or any other government-issued proofs, address proofs, recent passport-sized photographs, contact details, driving license, RC, and old policy number.

Once done submitting the Four Wheeler Insurance renewal form, the provider verifies the details, inspects the vehicle, and renews the plan.

Filing a claim

For this purpose, furnish relevant documents like the RC, driving license, FIR copy, the original estimate of repairs, policy document, and filled and signed claim form. Then, the company sends a surveyor to check the damages and verify the genuineness. Submit copies of the bills for repairs. You receive the claim settlement for the online Car Insurance per your plan.

In case of theft, you receive the entire Insured Declared Value as settlement. Report the case to the nearest police station and inform the authorities of the RC book loss. The claim gets settled after the police recover the 4-wheeler.

Important points

Car Policy renewal is essential for your safety and to avoid paying fines. Renew it early and remember the expiry date. Search online and compare the policies before renewal. If you find a better one, ensure it offers maximum coverage at reasonable costs. Make use of the No Claim Bonus to get a discount on the premium. With digitalisation, Insurance companies have streamlined their processes to simplify the renewal and buying process. 

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