Can I just feed my dog table food?


Dog food can be expensive and owners are often looking for ways to cut costs. One of the options people consider is to feed their dog table food instead. In one way, this does make sense. After all, multiple studies have shown that the amount of food waste we throw away annually is absolutely obscene. However, there are issues with feeding your dog table food that you must be aware of. 

It’s Not Healthy

This is perhaps the most significant concern. Table food is often filled with fat, salt and sugar. None of these substances are good for your dog. In fact, they can have a negative impact on your pet’s overall health and quickly lead to them developing issues. 

Even if you think you eat healthily, your dog probably still won’t be getting everything it needs from human food. In contrast dog food from stores like Barking Heads has been designed to ensure it provides everything a dog needs for a healthy diet. There is also the risk of a dog filling up on food from the table that doesn’t provide the right benefits and refusing or being unable to eat the dog food they need. This alone could be a reason to avoid giving dogs table food but there are other concerns. 

It’s Dangerous 

Another major issue that you must be aware of is that some foods that are perfectly fine for human consumption and toxic or dangerous for dogs. Grapes and raw onions are perhaps two of the best examples of this. Be aware a dog won’t know if a food is dangerous. They are completely reliant on you to give them the right food. 

You can look up what food is dangerous online but you’ll quickly discover a range of mixed opinions. Some owners swear that their dog loves chocolate. However, for the majority of dogs consuming chocolate will mean they immediately need to visit a vet. 


If you feed your dog food from the table, then you will be encouraging them to beg. The benefit of steering away from feeding your dog food from the table is that they will know what food is for them and what isn’t. As soon as you start to give them table food, it becomes confusing. They will expect to get what’s on your plate because they’ve had it before. They could whimper at the table or sit next to you while you eat. This can be avoided simply by never offering them human food in the first place. 

Should Table Food Ever Be Given To Dogs

While you can offer small quantities of table food as treats for dogs, this is again not advised. Even a small amount will be an unhealthy option for your dog and there’s always the possibility that they are allergic to some of the ingredients. Instead, it’s best to select treats made for dogs. These are tested to ensure that they are safe. 

We hope this helps clear up why table food is not a smart choice for feeding your dogs. Instead, you should look for the best dog food that provides value while ensuring your dog gets everything they need in their diet.