7 Ideas for Wedding Jewellery and Bridal Collections

There are two luxuries every bride hopes to afford on her wedding day. One, to get one of the top marriage halls in Chennai as the venue of the celebration. Two, to invest in a sparkling statement jewellery piece. Searching for a top marriage hall in Chennai takes a lot of effort and is a story of its own. So, steering clear of the first luxury, let’s dive into the second – which wedding jewellery to buy.

The options for bridal jewellery are myriad. One can wear heirlooms and family jewels or be more fashion-forward and buy all new jewellery. Irrespective of the choice, one thing should be kept in mind. Jewellery should complement the bridal attire not overwhelm it. For example, if the wedding dress already has a gorgeous neckline, don’t overpower it with a heavy necklace. 

With these thoughts at the forefront, here are some classic and latest ideas for bridal, wedding jewellery:

Uncut Diamonds and Emeralds

For every bride who hopes to achieve a majestic and royal look on the wedding day, uncut diamonds with a touch of green emeralds are the way to go. Try an oversized bridal set that strikes the eye with the first glance.

Kundan Jewellery Ideas

In the past few years, the trend for wedding jewellery has leaned towards Kundan jewellery. Big dangling earrings to a teeny, tiny maang tikka, the type of bridal kundan jewellery has varied, but Kundan itself has remained consistent. After all, there is nothing more classic than this jewellery set for the D-Day. 

  • Opt for white kundan with a touch of green emerald to red rubies. Such jewellery sets give a clean look with a pop of colour.
  • Choose a gorgeous kundan matha-patti, to set off the entire look of the day. Currently, there are some fantastic designs available for matha-pattis.

In case you are not too keen on wearing a heavy kundan set for the wedding, why not try lighter versions. Look for single layer kundan necklace with jhumkas.

Floral Jewellery

Flower power is everywhere when it comes to celebrating the union of two souls. It started with real flowers being used to decorate the bride for her Haldi and godh bharai ceremony. Then it is morphed into floral motifs on lehengas and groom’s coat. Now, florals have taken over jewellery too. The organic motifs are not only stunning to look at but also light enough that you can wear the jewellery after your wedding day. So, go invest in some floral motif bridal jewellery.

Classic Gold Set

There was a time when brides only wore gold jewellery. With time, the trend changed, and girls started opting for diamond or kundan sets. Now, the era of gold is returning. Brides are eschewing big gemstone jewellery sets and choosing to don contemporary gold jewellery with a modern design!

Choker Style

A simple choker with only diamonds or a more lavish one with gemstones, pick any style you like because chokers will never go out of vogue. When it comes to bridal jewellery, choker with pearls and coloured stones reign supreme. Not only because they look fantastic with the wedding attire but also because they go well with every other dress. 

Polki with Gemstones

If kundan is one way to look imperial on the wedding day, then polki is another. Nothing and it bears repeating; nothing seems as marvellous as a polki set on a bride. Pair a heavy uncut polki necklace with pastel coloured lehenga, and you’ll simply be stunning.

Purely Gemstones 

Generally, brides pick a wedding set that is made of diamond, gold or kundan with gemstones only a small addition. Why not opt for the reverse? Pick a bridal set made entirely of timeless rubies. Choose a long, multi-layered necklace made with red gemstones and pair it with dangling earrings!

Right after you book one of the top marriage halls in Chennai, the next step a bride takes is to find the wedding attire. Once these two tasks are done, picking the bridal jewellery set is the next logical step. Use the ideas above to find a statement piece that befits you!