Why You Need an Annual Dermatologist Checkup


When you think of the dermatologist most people don’t think of that as a need and some people go their whole life without ever seeing one at all. The reason for this is that most people and even insurance companies see it as optional to make you more beautiful but what people don’t understand is that you should go at least once a year because the health of your skin does affect the health of your body.

To understand how important your skin is to your health one should first have a general understanding of the function of your skin. Your skin is not there to make you pretty it is there to protect you from the outside world. Inside your body is actually very fragile and the skin protects the body from dirt, germs, the sun, and so many other things that you come into contact with on a daily basis.

So now that you understand that the skin does have a function you have to understand every day the skin is taking the brunt of everything as you are touching things, you are outside in the sun, and over time the skin can get damaged. Now the damage does not always have to be like a skinned knee which does heal but it hurts and leaves a scar.

Well, most people don’t realize that your skin is always in a state of healing all over from the sun and other pollutants that are just around us because it actually harms the skin. That is something that people are starting to notice as skin cancer is actually on the rise. But one of the problems with skin cancer is you don’t know about it when you start to see it.

The reason for that is it hides there under the skin or it looks like freckle that just wasn’t there before. But unlike a freckle skin cancer is a huge deal and left untreated just like any other cancer can be deadly to the patient.

So the first step that you have is to be proactive and go see a North Dallas dermatologist who can help your skin to be healthy and look better over time. At the dermatologist, you will get an examination on the first visit to make sure that there is no sun damage that the doctor has to be worried about right now.

If there is sun damage that is worrisome then you will likely have to start to go on a regular basis throughout the year to make sure that the skin damage is healing and that there are no signs of skin cancer taking the place.

If you have something that looks like it could be cancerous the doctor will take a sample of it so that they can analyze it to see if it is cancer. If they know for sure that it is but it is small the doctor will likely be able to freeze it off in a few visits. After that treatment, the only thing that you should have left is a small scar in which the dermatologist can help to get rid of.

The other thing that will be done at the office is to take care of the skin by teaching you how to do so. You will give a list of things not to do and things you should be doing including what you should put on your skin to take care of it without irritating the skin. So know that your North Dallas dermatologist is your friend and you should make sure to see one regularly.