Why is CAT the toughest exam for MBA Students?


All students and under-graduates who consider cracking any MBA placement test, the primary thing which strikes a chord is splitting the CAT (Common Admission Test) test. Everybody fantasizes about splitting CAT as the most mainstream and alluring test. CAT considers the standardization technique for results. It is just through CAT that individuals can get into IIMs, which are the top business schools in India. The unpredictability of the CAT test is very high. Understudies bungle it up under tension. The CAT exam is a yearly test that builds the stakes through an enormous edge each year. CAT (Common Admission Test) is viewed as perhaps, the hardest test, which is similar to XAT and GMAT.

If there has been any entrance test that has high stakes in the number of applicants as well as its difficulty level, it is definitely CAT. This exam is the superset for a vast majority of the MBA selection tests in India. The outlook of CAT is such that it prepares a student for any other MBA entrance exam in India.

The following variables make it the hardest test to split among every single serious test in India.

  • Level of difficulty of questions
  • Nature of applicants
  • Correction Criteria and Negative Marking
  • The number of candidates that apply

Presently, the question to be answered is which MBA entrance test is the hardest in India? It is the most well-known IIM entrance exam called CAT. The best measurement to comprehend the degree of rivalry for any placement test is the number of candidates who are taking an interest. For CAT, the number of candidates for the year 2017 was around 2.5 lakhs. For NMAT, the number of candidates was around 88000, and for SNAP this number was around 65000. In any event, having the notoriety of being the trickiest test, the huge number of candidates for CAT (Common Admission Test) shows why it is the most serious test.

What makes CAT different from other entrance exams?


There are other exams as well that set a benchmark of difficulty, but CAT is one of the most uniquely designed exams.

To comprehend the difficulty level of any test, we have to think about the accompanying variables that make it the toughest exam to crack. Some other factors, other than those listed above, can be considered in determining the difficulty of the exam.

  • Rivalry among students
  • Reservation
  • Time Term
  • Checking Criteria
  • Intricacy of questions

It is just through CAT (Common Admission Test) that understudies can get into top business schools, for the most part, the IIMs. Even if the student is unwilling to appear for other MBA entrance tests, CAT is an exam that no one misses. This is so because appearing in CAT becomes an eligibility criterion for many job profiles or even admission in MBA in some newly opened private colleges.

On the off chance that you contrast CAT and SNAP and IIFT, these tests have an alternate segment for general information which is seen to be troublesome by different up-and-comers. XAT is altogether harder than CAT (Common Admission Test) as far as the level of difficulty is concerned.


Preparations for CAT as early as possible is an exceptionally savvy choice. The test is a speed game, and you can use the time that you have driven up to it to ace speed and exactness. On the off chance that you are here so right on time to search for CAT 2020, at that point, you should be genuinely hopeful. Coming to CAT 2020, there is a long while to go for the test. It needs a lot of dedication and hard work to crack it.

Anyway, nothing beats perseverance, meticulous work, and determination. If you’ve decided to opt for CAT 2020, then you must start planning your preparation steps. So if you start from today, you will definitely clear CAT, and there is no doubt that you will get a call from the top MBA universities in India. If you plan in advance and strategize your preparation as the experts suggest, nothing would stop you from nailing this mammoth of an entrance test!