Types of Diabetic Care Products 



Diabetes is a chronic condition, caused by high levels of glucose in the blood. Due to high blood sugar or blood glucose, your body either does not produce adequate insulin or does not respond to it properly. To treat the condition, medical intervention may be required. 

Besides medication, there are various products available for diabetes patients, which can help to manage and monitor the condition with ease. 

Different types of diabetic care products 

Here are the various types of diabetic care products that are used to keep a check on high blood sugar and control diabetes.

Blood Glucose Meter

A blood glucose meter is a special device that measures and displays the amount of glucose or sugar in your blood. Using the device helps you manage the condition better by keeping a track of any fluctuations in your blood sugar level. Different types of blood glucose meters, ranging from basic models to advanced and multi-featured models are available. Although blood glucose meter ensures an accurate measure of your blood glucose, one should keep in mind that stress, diet, physical activity, and certain other factors affect the level of glucose in the blood. 

Control Solutions 

Glucose control solution is used to verify the accuracy of the blood glucose meter. Conducting periodic control tests is important to ensure that the test strips and the meter are operating fine and providing reliable results. Diabetes patients need to keep their blood glucose levels within the target range at all times.

Insulin Pump 

An insulin pump 1 is a small, computerized device that releases insulin through a tube under your skin. The device delivers insulin in a similar way that your body would naturally. It releases a steady flow of insulin throughout the day and night (known as basal insulin), and an additional dose during mealtime (known as a bolus) to manage elevated blood sugar from the consumed foods. 

Other forms of insulin devices or tools are also available for use. The most common ones are needle and syringe, and an insulin pen. Less common ones include an injection port, inhaler, or jet injector. The kind of insulin device you choose for diabetes management depends on your preferences and lifestyle. 

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can be harmful to your feet – even a minor cut can lead to loss of sensation in your feet or other serious consequences. Therefore, it is equally important to take care of your feet. Apart from practising good foot hygiene, a variety of diabetic foot care products can come to your aid when managing diabetes. 

Diabetic shoes Diabetic shoes 2 are designed in a way that reduces foot conditions to which diabetes patients are prone, such as broken skin, foot ulcers, numbness and poor blood circulation. The special features of the footwear provide padding and comfort to the heels, and keep your toes covered, putting you at minimal risk of wounds and injuries.

Diabetic socks – These are manufactured to help save your feet from amputation by minimizing the risks of blisters, cuts, dampness, poor circulation, and infections. Diabetic socks are meant for you if diabetes has affected your feet. 

Diabetes is a debilitating, long-term condition, where your blood sugar levels need to be monitored constantly. These diabetic care products can help to regulate blood glucose and manage the condition. These are easily available in medical stores and pharmacies. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these are only used as a tool of management. The best way to control rising blood sugar is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.