Three Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Gen Y

The older generations often rip on millennials. Some say Gen-Yers are usually privileged and entitled. They say millennials often want special treatment and demand flexibility even if they haven’t proven anything about themselves just yet. While not everyone thinks of millennials in such a way, there is no denying that such stereotypes affect Gen-Yers in more ways than one. But if there is one thing for sure, that is we can all learn many important things from millennials.

The following are just some of the best habits millennials have that everyone can learn from:

They are not afraid to try and learn new things

One remarkable thing about the Gen-Y generation is that most are not afraid to learn about new things. Millennials are often seen exploring the world, testing new waters, and even maximizing their learning experiences. They understand that education is not limited to the four corners of a room. It can come from the Internet and more so from the outside world.

Millennials are also not afraid to try new experiences. This applies to both their personal and career life. For example, they are the generation who are not afraid of new technologies. Many are even willing to try the latest cosmetic procedure and take advantage of lip filler specials even before they need those. This is not to say they are generally self-conscious or lack self-esteem. This only shows that they are confident enough to go for the things they like.

They are willing to stray away from traditional paths

One remarkable thing about millennials is their courage to do things their own way. This means beating the traditional way of doing things. They would rather choose to do things differently, be it in their career or personal life choices. This is often the reason many Baby Boomers find it hard to deal with and understand the younger generation.

For one, Gen-Yers would rather focus their time finding a job they enjoy doing instead of sticking to a job that only pays their bills. Many are into flexible schedules and are often remote workers because they crave to achieve as much work-life balance as possible. They are also challenging the way others think about gender roles and how there are more types of families instead of the traditional nuclear type.

They take advantage of technology

Millennials grew up in the digital age. Everything one might need to know can only be a few taps and clicks away. One can do their shopping online, and search for virtually anything on the Internet. You can communicate, collaborate, and socialize online. They even do their research before making a purchase and before trusting a business or person.

Such a habit of leveraging technology makes life a little bit easier for Gen-Yers. They spend less time wondering and more time hunting for information before making a move. This enables them to find what they want and save time and money in the process.

Millennials tend to have a different way of thinking and getting things done. But it is actually a refreshing change sometimes. Just because they prefer to do things their own way does not mean they are already hard-headed or entitled. They also have certain habits one can appreciate, copy, and benefit from only if we take the time to understand their motives better.