Supplements for Your Heart Health


Supplements can help muscles, bones, and other parts of your body, but they can also be useful for heart health. Research shows that some supplements can improve blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and help with other things that can put you at risk for heart disease. While research is still unclear if supplements can prevent strokes or heart attacks, taking some supplements designed for heart health, such as the Serenagen heart calming formula, can come with many benefits.


Vitamins and minerals that are in the right doses can help with lowering your risk for heart disease. While whole foods should be the main source of your nutrients, many people will fall short on recommendations. Supplements aren’t able to make up for unhealthy eating habits but can instead fill in the gaps. 


Your body does make some amount of this already and it can also be known as ubiquinol. It can help lower blood pressure along with medication or on its own. It’s also a popular treatment for the side effects that happen with cholesterol-lowering drugs since these medications can sometimes lower the amount of CoQ10 that your body makes up on its own.

Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements are full of omega-3 fatty acids to help lower levels of triglycerides, which is an unhealthy fat found in the blood. Fish oil can also help improve blood pressure.


Garlic can help lower your blood pressure. It is also believed to help slow the buildup of plaque in arteries, which lowers your risk of blood clots. If you don’t get enough garlic in your food then garlic supplements can be helpful.


Fiber should come from food sources but if you aren’t getting enough then you may need a fiber supplement to help with heart health. Fiber can lower cholesterol when used together with a diet that is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s important to pick the right type of fiber so you aren’t also picking a laxative supplement as well. 

Serenagen Heart Calming Formula

This supplement is an herbal stress management formula rooted in traditional Chinese medicines. It is a supplement that can help you effectively manage stress. It helps influence your mood and impacts mental functions using herbs that target systems and organs associated with stress. Not only does this help improve the cardiovascular system but it can also help with the liver as well.

Using Safe Supplements

Your doctor can help you determine which supplements are best for your heart health. If you are already at high risk for a heart attack or heart condition then you should always follow your doctor’s advice. It can be risky to treat any serious heart conditions on your own just with supplements.