Studying for Your Life and Health Insurance Test


If you are interested in becoming an agent in the field of life and health insurance, you will need a license to practice. Although the rules vary from place to place, the consensus is that the questions are generally the same across the board and you have to make a passing grade, of course. There are varieties of subjects you will have to become familiar with to make sure you do well on your life and health insurance test.

These items include common knowledge about life insurance and policies, options, capital investments, tax issues, health and dental plans to name a few. The exam will consist of at least one-hundred questions.

The Requirements of an Agent

It is crucial for an Insurance Sales Broker to have people skills, including being able to communicate effectively and knowing when to listen. Being an organized, self-starter and having the foresight to help clients pick the proper plan for them are a plus. Since agents will have to deal with different situations, from helping people process their claims after bereavement to calling potential customers, they must have a great love of their job. They also should be willing to continue their quest for knowledge because there is always something new to learn in this particular field.

Study Tips

To increase your chances of getting a good grade on your life and health insurance test, you might consider the following suggestions.

*Get a feel for the actual test by familiarizing yourself with a preview of the exam. Many places have practice test and reviews available for people who are interested in getting an advantage. This action can help you to remain calm on the day of the test.

*So you don’t have to cram at the last minute, set-aside study time each day so you can concentrate on the subject matter. If you are studying in an online venue, make sure you are not distracted by attempting to visit social media sites or check emails. In addition, turn your cell phone off.

*Using a tool such as flash cards or getting a buddy to quiz you can keep you motivated and help make the learning process fun.

*Find out ahead of time where the testing center is located. It might be a good idea to show up early, so you can catch your breath before the exam starts.

Overall, passing the insurance exam can be challenging, but with the right personal requirements, hard work, and a passion for this special career, a person can accomplish their goal.