Study Tactics To Best Prepare Your NPTE This Year


This year like another other studying for the NPTE should be considered like a part-time to a full-time job. It is a lot of advice and study resources available online but all narrow down to advising that in order to do best a plan needs to be made. Right now due to current events is a unique opportunity to have more available time to study as work and classes are online or on hold. Seniors typically take the exam a few months after graduation so now is the time to create a plan and start studying a few hours a week and then more hours as the exam date grows closer.

There are preparation courses available. Using this as a study tactic can best prepare for the NPTE. The courses are not for every study; however, the structure they provide to a study regimen needs to exist regardless of the tactic used. The NPTE practice questions provided are also invaluable.

In order to best prepare without a course, the NPTE review book and candidate handbook should be used to access the information assessed on the exam. These resources should be read thoroughly however simply rereading is not the best study tactic. These texts and the document on exam content areas should be reviewed in chunks and used to create study materials.

In order to best prepare for the exam, the test taker should stick to whatever review practices work best for them. With this content flashcards, mobile apps that have virtual flashcards, and practice questions are the go-to tactics to best prepare.

The best study tactic involved having as much access to NPTE practice questions as possible. Education theory suggests that recall of knowledge learned reinforces it and maintains the memory more than a simple review of the memorized information. Practice tests require a recall. Practice tests are available online and should be taken several times intermediately with general study habits and review of the content resources in between in order to best prepare.

The practice test should be taken in an environment that simulates the real test environment. It should be timed, silent, and taken on a full stomach with plenty of rest, and a clear head. Doing this will increase test-taking stamina. This study tactic will ensure the best performance by ensuring that the test taker is not fatigued by the exam or overly stressed and under-perform due to the testing conditions.

The practice tests are also the best resource to access NPTE practice questions. All standardized test-takers perform best when they are familiar with the test questions style. The only way to familiarize with the test style is to take a practice test.

Taking the test not only improve memory of the knowledge through recall, and preparation for the test environment, and question style, they also provide guidance on what to study. Assessments are a tool to determine what is known and what is not known. Reviewing practice test scores should be used to shape what material is studied. this will ensure the studying is focused on where it needs to be. Recovering all the material over and over may not be manageable. The practice test provides the most targeted approach to studying.

The retired NPTE is also available online. It has been found that the vast majority of test-takers pass if they used the retired NPTE as a study tactic. This is another resource to use to study by the recall.

This year there is plenty of time to space out practice exams before the NPTE exam and taking several is how to best perform. Facilitating recall is the best tactic