Simpler and Better: 7 Practical Tips to Help You Memorize Better


Whether you are a student, a parent, or a professional, all of us want to learn new things every day. On the other hand, while learning things may be easy, remembering them can be a challenge.

As such, we may have been too dependent on technology to remember things for us, which can cause drawbacks to people who need to memorize a lot of things daily. So, despite this known challenge, there are ways on how to remember things effectively, and here are some of them.

Exercise to Free Up Your Mind

Exercising is not only great for our bodies because the brain can benefit from it as well. Working out can help improve our memory and learning, so if you are having a writer’s block or can’t seem to solve that severe math problem, try to walk it off or perform a bit of fitness session.

Write Down the Things that You Need to Remember

Writing down the same thing repeatedly seems like a time-consuming effort, but this activity can particularly work wonders, which can help you remember things better. Also, a lot of experts believe that listing out problems or facts using grammarly word count enhances a person’s ability to memorize them rather than trying to remember them by re-reading calmly.

Moreover, instead of taking notes by typing them on your computer, writing them down can help you recall the content of the lesson effectively, which can be specifically beneficial for students.

Minimize Use of Technology or Don’t Multitask

In this technology-driven age, we usually pick up our mobile devices mindlessly to check feeds on social media or respond to a call or text while we are doing another task.

In some instances, although the capacity to multitask can be helpful, it can cause distractions when it comes to remembering information or learning new skills; thus, it is best to concentrate on one task sometimes.

Teach What You Learned to Other People

Sharing the knowledge or skills you acquired is an effective way to solidify the new learning in your brain even further. The method of turning that information into your words can help your mind better understand it; hence, there are a lot of innovative ways to break the information down to share it with other people.

Specify an Image to What you Have to Remember

Associating a picture with a concept or word is another compelling way to engage it to memory. When you need to memorize something, try choosing an interesting picture and look at it constantly as you scan through the material you need to memorize.

Also, this method can be very useful for remembering people’s names, which is essentially helpful for students, educators, business people, and many more.

Apply the Acronym Approach

This approach uses the first letter of a word in a sentence or phrase that corresponds to something you need to memorize. As such, you can create your acronym to help you recall words in a particular sequence, or merely to remember or memorize a group of words.

Talk Loud as You Read

Reading out loud, explaining ideas to yourself, or making the random remark to yourself can help in solidifying the information that you are reading. So, as you study, try talking to yourself or read the words that you must memorize loudly.

To Conclude

Whether you need to memorize a list of words or several lines for your test, there are many effective ways you can do to make the studying process easier.

Start by preparing your mind with strategies that promote memorization, then apply practical techniques to help you memorize the material. Also, you can use any strategies that you are comfortable with to help you memorize even better.