Seven Classroom apps to revolutionize education and learning

Making use of technology in the classroom has been a topic of discussion. When the technology is used in the right ways, it has the power to transform a classroom. One shouldn’t ban technology from schools, and one should embrace it. Classroom app is the application that allows you to see documents and the links that the students share with you. It helps you keep track of the ongoings in the class. It is essential to take advantage of the available education applications. With the proper classroom application, you can schedule the lesson plans and establish communication with the parents and the students. 

Following are some of the classroom apps to revolutionize education and learning-


This application turns your classroom into a community and is a must-have for online classes. It also allows you to interact with the parents and students as it has a secure messaging system. The parents get direct access to their child’s status from their phones.

You can also start using the class toolkit and you can have access to a convenient group maker, a music player and a noise meter. 


This is the perfect tool for any classroom level. The clean interface of this application lets you set up the classes. To get the students and parents on board, you should simply share the classroom link with the members you want to add. This classroom app lets you send private messages to the students and parents. It also lets you establish a small group for collaborative projects

Google Classroom

If you want to use this application, your school should have an account with Google Workspace for education. Once this is settled, you can start adding the students to your Google Classroom with their Gmail addresses.

After creating a class, you can also add specific questions, topics and material. This classroom app also integrates with Google Drive, and you can also upload the assignments, grades and photos for the class folder.


This lesson planning application keeps track of your class schedule by adding class to your calendar. It also sets curriculum standards for each of your classes. This application also lets you upload files and photos to your lesson plans. It also allows you to share those plans. 

Seesaw classes

This is one of the most popular education applications, and it is used in over 200,000 classrooms. This application is a great way to plan activities in any subject for any age. You should enter your class’s subject and grade from the dropdown menu of this application, and you will see activities that your fellow teachers have created. If you want to create your own activities, you can share them with the Seesaw class community.


This application helps you keep a record of your attendance and grades. It enables you to keep a track of the attendance with the click of a button.


This application engages your classroom with fun and educational games and it is one of the best classroom apps for students.