School Cricket Tours to Barbados


School cricket tours to Barbados have in recent years become incredibly popular offering people not only the chance to experience the laid-back Bajan lifestyle where the tropical sun shines brightly and the breeze is nice, and there are beautiful sandy beaches all over the coasts, but also the chance to play their favourite sport with people from another country.

Cricket tours of course contain lots of cricket matches – however they also include various other team building and bonding exercises to ensure teams are able to work together as magnificently as possible whilst having fun and learning.

In terms of cricket tours to Barbados for school teams there are many activities available, ranging from land based activities to sea based activities – This has made Barbados an attractive destination choice for all looking to play cricket abroad.

Barbados is a country renowned for their love of cricket. Once known as ‘Little England’ before coming and independent country over 30 years ago, the people of Barbados simple love English people and students and welcome them with open arms – urging even more teams to visit their country to play their much loved sport.

Luckily for all there are many sports tour specialists now available such as Burleigh Travel. Burleigh travel is a company able to arrange a whole host of sports tours and trips, creating and providing tours for tams of all ages and abilities on a daily basis, and for all of the main sports.

Burleigh Travel’s school cricket tours are speciality highly renowned, with the company being the go-to company for many people booking tours of this type. Just some of the amazingly fun activities generally included in the company’s cricket tours to Barbados are:

  • The Catamaran Cruise – An opportunity to set sail on the clear crystal waters of Barbados and admire the wonderful underwater sea life
  • The Boatyard – An incredibly island safari tour where students can see many animals in reality for the first time in their lives
  • Atlantis Submarine Adventure – A unique, fun-packed natural adventure for all ages to enjoy
  • Jolly Roger Pirate ship – Giving pupils the chance to snorkel and learn new skills, whilst working together as a team

When touring Barbados with Burleigh Travel there really is never a dull moment.

Due to their many years of experience Burleigh Travel have already arranged and bene on many cricket tours and trips to Barbados, allowing their staff to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding the island and for them to know all of the best tips and tricks when touring. The company are really friendly and professional and always happy to answer any questions. Whether you have questions regarding tours to Barbados or anything else we advise that you contact the company today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you.