Reasons why you should visit Rajasthan at least once in your life


Rajasthan is one of the biggest states of India with a conglomeration of beautiful destinations and lakes. The cities and towns of Rajasthan have striking exquisiteness and is home to some of the beautiful palaces and historical destinations.  It is an ideal place to visit during the summer. The state has inherited the splendor of the Rajput era, thus making it an exclusive destination for the visitors.

Besides this, it is also a home to some of the exotic wildlife destinations where people can go for safaris. Most of the Jaipur tour packages have wildlife safaris in their itinerary. It is a one-stop destination and has many reasons to visit it. Some of the tempting reasons can be stated as follows:

  • Art, folk and culture– Though most of the Indian cities have large varieties of art and culture, Rajasthan has a unique contrast of color and quality. The place boasts of rich combination bangles, folklore, art and craft. One can buy handmade jewelries which are made up of beads. The folk culture of Rajasthan takes pride in making male and female jewelry. Another essential piece of artwork is the puppet shows which are famously known as ‘Kathputli’. Some of the popular dance forms are Gaitti, ghumar dance, Kacchhi and so much more!
  • Perfect for food lovers- Rajasthan is famous for some of the amazing cuisines to soothe your taste buds. The ingredients used in the cuisines are purely homemade and it is referred to as the ‘product of the royal kitchen’. The guests are served in the most traditional manner where the food is served in traditional plates. The food choices are not restricted to buttermilk and veggies only; there are lip-smacking desserts to try out as well. Besides this, you can also try out the Royal Thali which consists of gourmet preparations prepared by the talented chefs. The special item includes pickle, assorted breads and mutton curry.
  • Perfect place to enjoy festivals– Rajasthan is one such destination where the tourists can visit throughout the year. Every season has different festivals and fairs which is one of the common attractions of this place. Whether you visit in summers or winters, Rajasthan has unique things to gift the visitors. The festivals are an impression of the culture and the heritage which was enjoyed during the times of Rajputs. Some of the best festivals include- Camel festival, Teej festival, the pushkar Fair, and many more events to enjoy!
  • Exotic wildlife destinations-Rajasthan is not just a place of forts and palaces; it also has great sights to offer to the tourists. The country’s best wildlife sanctuary i.e. the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is located in this destination. There are lots of places to visit in Rajasthan where the tourist can enjoy safaris. One of the nearby attractions is Jawai Leopard camp.

Besides this, you can also enjoy your vacation in one of the majestic accommodations. The old palaces have now been renovated as exotic palace hotels having out of the ordinary facilities for the visitors.

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