Pillow Prescriptions – Follow it to the T


Quality sleep has become a luxury in today’s world. People spend a huge amount of time and money looking and purchasing the best mattress they can afford to get that quality sleep. But not many people dedicate even a small amount of time looking for a good pillow. A good sleeping pillow provides supreme comfort but many of us do not know that sleeping on the wrong one can affect your health unknowingly. It not only affects sleep but also the quality of life.

What can a wrong pillow do to your body?

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can affect your health in many ways, some of them are:

  • Stiffness: If you feel stiff throughout the day or after a night’s sleep, it could be the way you have slept (posture) during the night. Just like the way you sleep or the sleep position is considered while purchasing a mattress, the same should be considered while buying a pillow. Back sleepers should consider sleeping on a flat pillow, side sleepers on a thick one as that will support the head and neck. The pillow loft is also equally important, too high or too low can cause a stiff neck or shoulder pain.

  • Disturbed sleep: If you are waking up through the night to readjust your pillow then it is time to change it. Sleeping on a bad pillow with lumps or torn seams can lead to disturbed sleep which makes it hard for the brain and body to relax. Lack of sleep for a few nights in a row lead to fatigue and underperformance during the day.

  • Allergies: A pillow is a magnet for dust mites and other allergens, especially if it has been used for a long time. These allergens can lead to issues like cold, cough, itchy eyes, nose and throat and also trigger asthma and other allergies in some.

Pillow prescriptions to follow

Pillow shopping online or offline can be a complex process as all pillows look the same with varied prices. Every brand has unique features and promises something more than the other brand, but in general, here are some of the things to consider while shopping for one.

Filling: There are many types of filling materials in a pillow which can leave you feeling cradled and help you sleep like a baby. One of the best materials that can be used as a filling is the memory foam as it contours to the shape of the head while sleeping on it and returns to its original shape after use. It works well for people with neck and spinal problems as there is an even distribution of weight.

Size: The size of the pillow should be based on the mattress size, the number of pillows needed and its usage. But a standard size pillow suffices for most bed sizes including king-size as oversized pillows make a bed look small and a small-sized one will not suffice and you may have to layer it with other pillows.

Softness: Softness is the way the pillow feels when touched. The best-recommended pillow is the one that is neither too hard or too soft and should be medium-firm to offer the right support and comfort to the head, neck, and shoulders.

Loft: The loft of the pillow or the height should be based on the sleeping position. Back and stomach sleepers should use a flat pillow and side sleepers should have a little loft so that the gap between the head and neck is filled. Some pillows from manufacturers like Wakefit are unique as it suits all sleeping positions.

A sleeping pillow is just as important as a mattress, ensure that you sleep the above prescriptions to buy the right pillow and sleep comfortably every night to wake up refreshed and energetic.