Moon Lamps With Lunar Effects

House decoration is such a big task, and sometimes the overwhelming amount of options and space can be difficult to choose. But when decorating It is very clear that the key to a beautiful decorated space is on the details. I know the other elements like furniture and wall colour are important as well but it’s often the details that will differentiate from a bright and fun home and a beautiful but boring one.

We have been looking for those little decoration items that you can incorporate in your house to transform your spaces, and today we want to talk about Moon Lamps. We have chosen the moon lamps because a lamp is not only are necessary to a well-lit room, but they also make a good impact on a home’s overall appearance.

When picking the perfect decorative lamps to complement de decoration on your house it’s important to consider style, size, and colour. Those three reasons are why we think the moon lamps are the perfect choice for home decor, let’s go into details about these aspects…


The moon is one of the most captivating and beautiful scenes in our sky, over the years we have appreciated its majesty from far. The Lunar Effects Moon Lamp is a replica that come as close as possible to the real thing, using real NASA imagery, they take advantage of advance 3D printing technology to make the lamp look amazingly close to the real moon, with delicate details of the craters and smooth part of the real moon! Along with this very precise look, the moon lamp feels high quality, solid and the craters on the moon can be appreciated with so much detail it is as soothingly captivating as the real moon!


Lunar Effects offers their moon lamps in four different sizes ñ 8cm, 12cm 15cm and 20cm. Each size has their own charm and usability. The 8cm being the smallest moon lamps is ideal for small bedside tables, also ideal for kids room decoration. The 12cm moon lamps, show more definition and details of the moon craters, is a prefect moon lamp to add as a decoration piece in your living room, bedroom or bathroom decoration. The 15 cm moon lamp is the perfect size to become a center piece decoration on a coffee table, ladder decoration or add a warm touch and welcoming light to a foyer table. And the biggest moon lams, 20 cm, is the most impressive lamp, with a fascinating amount of details is the best moon to showcase, make it a statement decoration piece in your house, this moon lamps will look amazing in any big decorative spaces in your house!


In terms of colour, Lunar Effects Moon Lamps come with three different colour settings to choose from, this means the moon can be set to any of these colours with just a light touch on the sensor: cool white, warm white and warm yellow. Each colour has its own charm, for a more moon like colour you can select the warm white. For reading, it would be better the cool white. And for some variety and to spice up the decor, you can select warm yellow that would give your room a bit of a orangy-light. The brightness for all these moon lamps can be adjusted to be bright or dim the light for a more relaxing setup for some calm activities like yoga, meditation or journaling.


Moon lamps are the perfect gift for your loved ones! Kids become obsessed with them, and the catch here is that most of them also get interested on space when you start to explain to them how our universe works!!!

These lamps for their uniqueness are also a nice surprise for any adult! Most people admire the moon for its beauty and it’s always a reason to smile. Imagine the happiness to have the opportunity to own a piece that come very close to the real deal, that looks amazing in almost all decoration styles!  Whether it’s your mum, dad, best friend or even yoga teacher, they’ll be sure to be impressed by the elegance and charm offered by the Lunar Effects Moon Lamps. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, let someone know how much you appreciate them and gift them the moon!!

Keep in mind that size, light features and style is what you need to take into account when selecting your lamps to suit both your lighting needs and taste in home decor. The Lunar Effects Moon lamps tick those 3 boxes and makes you the owner of a high quality and unique decoration style for your home. I believe this moon lamps will contribute greatly to create a cozy environment, give you serenity and a soothing ambience make your nights at home even better.


Lunar Effects moon lamps Australia are nothing short of quality. They believe in their product so much, they are willing to offer you a 30 day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not happy with your moon lamp in the first 30 days, you can return it to Lunar Effects and receive a full refund, no questions. Return shipping is paid by you, please note.

To add more peace of mind, Lunar Effects also provide a 3 month product guarantee. That means if you have any issues with your lamp within in time, simply return to Lunar Effects and they will replace it for a new one. Please note, if you are outside the 30 day money-back guarantee, they can only exchange the lamp, not refund you.

If you decide that one of these lamps is for you, head over to the website to purchase yours now. Each lamp comes with free standard Australian shipping. You won’t be disappointed you decided to purchase one.