How To Spot Water Leaks

Water leaks can be an incredible hassle. When we do have a water leak there are many sources where that water could be coming from. If the water leak detection tells us it is coming from the roof that is pretty easy to detect. We can have the roof fixed and stop the water leaking into our home. Water can cause an incredible amount of damage to the home. When there is a water leak one has to find it and deal with it immediately. Sometimes water detection is not always that easy especially if it is a leaky pipe that is hidden in the walls and out of our view. There are several ways water leak detection can detect a water leak.

1.Monitor the water meter

Check the water meter often. When one does check the water meter one will be able to see how much water one uses in a month. This should be pretty steady with the same number of people in the home. Once one knows how much water one uses in a month it should remain about the same every month. If the water meter suddenly spikes then that could tell one that one has a water leak somewhere in the home. A plumber will have to be brought in to see where the water leak is coming from and then will be able to fix it.

2.Monitor the usage

Monitor how much water one uses each month. If there is a large spike in the water usage then one does have a leak. A family of four people should not be using more than 12,000 gallons of water each month. If that is happening then that is a serious indication that one has a leak somewhere in the home that needs to be fixed right away.

3.Monitor the water bill

After one has paid the water bill a few months one begins to see what a normal bill should be. For example, if the water bill is $20 dollars a month and then suddenly it is $50 for one month, that could indicate a serious leak somewhere. When this happens one should first contact the water company to make sure that they did not make a mistake with the billing. If they have not made a mistake with the billing, then they will probably send someone out to read the water meter again. If the water company still insists that they have not made a mistake with one bill, then there is a serious water leak somewhere.

4.Use food coloring to detect a water leak

Food coloring is great at being able to detect a water leak. The toilet is probably 30% of our water usage. If one suspects that the toilet is the cause of the water leak one can use food coloring to be able to detect it. Put some drops of food coloring into the tank. After waiting for a bit if the food coloring shows up in the bowl then one has a water leak. This means that the water if flowing from the tank to the drain without ever being flushed.

5.Use common sense

It is a good idea to check behind the cabinets on a regular basis to see if there is any sign of water, or even mold growing there. If there is then one could have a leak in one of the pipes. It is also a good idea to have a plumber come in and do an inspection once a year. This could save a lot in repair costs later on.

If one follows these simple tips then one should be able to catch any water leaks before they cause serious damage.