How do you ensure a better healthcare in Malaysia


In Malaysia today, we are advancing towards the modern way of living. This includes every sector from economics, physics, tourism, up to healthcare. Healthcare advancement is very important especially today because without healthcare, the government and society just collapses. We have a very good example that happened quite recently, COVID-19. When this virus attacked the whole world, healthcare professionals all over the world worked day and night together to figure out and put an end to this. If healthcare workers were not present, we would have been defeated by this virus and hence, the government would have collapsed. Today, let’s look deeper into how Malaysia can have better healthcare.

1. Analyze Patient Outcomes and Responses

The first step in improving the healthcare system in Malaysia is to analyze both the patient population and the government’s operations to identify areas of improvement.  This data is important because it can assist us in figuring out where and what is lacking thus enabling us to fix the issue. This ranges from the moment they step into the hospital till they leave the hospital, the bill prices, the responsiveness from the healthcare professionals. We should also analyse how many of the population prefer government healthcare compared to private healthcare and based on the result figure out why and what can we do to improve the healthcare in government hospitals.

2. Improve Healthcare Access

The next step in improving healthcare in Malaysia is by improving healthcare services all over the country. There are some states still till this day that need to travel 150 km away from the place they live because there are no nearby healthcare clinics/hospitals. This should be resolved right away so that people no matter where they are, they still can get proper healthcare facilities. Not only them, there will be ample job opportunities because there will be more hospitals being built. Resulting in reduced waiting time for fresh medical graduates and pharmacies.

3. Improve Healthcare Facilities

Furthermore, healthcare facilities should be upgraded to the latest technology. This is important because technological advancements can help in several aspects such as reducing mortality rate, reducing patients waiting time while increasing the number of doctor-patient relationships. Healthcare facilities also enable us to detect diseases and treat them much more efficiently and effectively. Improving government’s facilities also enables us to be on par with what private hospitals offer ranging from diagnostic, inpatient experiences, till discharge.

4. Connect with several other Health Organizations

Good strong connections with other first world health organizations can help us learn together new strains of diseases and how to manage them. It can also keep us updated with the current ways and methods of diagnosis and treatment for society.

5. Enabling online services By enabling online services, prevention rates will increase ten fold because they are able

6. to reach healthcare professionals by a click of the button in the comfort of their own home or even work places. Thus, enabling people to contact the doctors the moment they need advice. Common medications should be also made available online, resulting in a faster and more efficient way of getting their medications sent directly to their homes.

7. Training more specialists locally

Training more specialists locally is vital in making a better healthcare system in Malaysia. More specialists will result in a decrease in the mortality rate in Malaysia. This will also decrease the amount of foreign doctors needed in Malaysia and provide Malaysians with the opportunity to serve the country.

8. Increase the pay of healthcare professionals

It is necessary to increase the wages of healthcare professionals because, without them, the whole nation’s healthcare system will cripple. It is also necessary to compare the wages of healthcare professionals with other first world countries. This will not only promote but ensure healthcare professionals to remain in Malaysia and serve their own country rather than going overseas in a foreign land just to make ends meet.

These are some of the ways that Malaysia can make changes to ensure that we have better healthcare in Malaysia. As the saying goes, Health Is Wealth. Thus, we should always be looking after our country’s healthcare system  to ensure the stability of the country in this modern society.