How can one make use of NCERT Exemplar?


For students who find difficulty in finding the right choice of study material, here is the answer to your question. Students can opt for NCERT Exemplar for Class 10 as it is one of the best books one can go through. These books help students in understanding all the concepts clearly and help develop a strong foundation in subjects like Science and Maths. These subjects play a vital role in Class 10, where students aim to secure good marks in the exams to pursue their desired course in higher studies. Students can achieve their goals by following the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 books, which contain well-structured solutions. There are numerous types of practice problems to help students understand the concepts, which help them in scoring well in their exams. The answers are formulated by subject experts with detailed explanations so that no student lags behind with any doubts. These books will also enable students to improve their overall learning and can gain more knowledge about the subjects.

Here are a few benefits of using NCERT Exemplar books: 

  1. a) No doubt all the basic concepts are explained in detail: NCERT books are more than adequate for the exam preparation, which covers the fundamentals from all the chapters in a precise and easy language. Students can revise the formulas during exam time instead of studying from the beginning. Hence, we can say that NCERT books are considered the best book for one to go through and by studying comprehensively students can understand the concepts in a clear manner. 
  2. b) More number of problems are offered to practice. In NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths books, there are questions at the end of each chapter. The questions are of short or long answer type, fill-in-the-blanks or match-the-following types. The students need to practice a wide variety of problems, which will help them secure good marks in the board exams. Along with these exercise questions, practising the NCERT Exemplar problems will help students to have a better understanding of the difficult questions, as well.
  3. c) NCERT Exemplars strictly follow the latest guidelines provided by the CBSE board. Students will get familiar with the important questions, marking schemes and the latest exam pattern.
  4. d) Students will also find chapter wise questions and solutions that will further help them to study effectively. Students can also revise the complete syllabus when exams are nearing and can boost their thinking capabilities by practising the problems.

Solving the questions from Exemplar books will help students to revise the subject and write the exams most confidently.

For students who aim to top their board exams, there is no harm in referring to other study materials and reference guides. However, NCERT books contain most of the questions and answers that are not only important from the exam point of view but are also essential for the understanding of concepts in a whole new manner.


Therefore, students are suggested to study from these books as thoroughly as possible and jot down important concepts in each chapter that can help to make revision easy.