Guidelines on How to Claim for Third Party Car Insurance Online

Often, we get to hear news of accidents or vehicles getting knocked on the roads. Even you may have been involved in a road accident, which may cost you a lot of money on the damage repairs. Yet, most of us are not aware of how to claim third party car insurance to repay the damages you may cause to the other vehicle. Most people tend to pay the costs from their pockets to avoid the hassles of filing a claim. But, you can save your money and get compensation from the insurer instead. Let’s know more about third party car insurance and how we can claim third party car insurance online.

What Does Third-Party Car Insurance Cover?

Third-party car insurance is mandatory insurance, according to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. This standalone insurance is often called as ‘act only’ insurance. Having third-party insurance means that it will cover the liability of the third-party and not you or your car. It includes any bodily injury, death to the third party, or damage to third party vehicles. While owning damaged insurance is optional, third-party motor insurance is compulsory according to the Motor’s Vehicle Act of India.

How to claim for third party insurance?

If you have been hit by another vehicle, you are the third party for that vehicle owner. You can claim for the medical expenses or any damages done to your car or property in such a case. In case of loss of earning or death, the dependents of the deceased can claim for compensation.

Documents such as the surveyor’s report, original bills from any authorised garage and motor vehicle inspection report are needed to claim the third-party insurance. In case your claim is accepted, you would be paid up to the insurer’s policy coverage.

Process of Third Party Insurance Claim

Claiming for third party insurance involves a lot of complex procedures. It starts with filing an FIR and obtaining the charge sheet. The procedure of filing an FIR is a lengthy process.

With the charge sheet, one must file a case with a Motors claim lawyer at the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. The case cannot be registered under any Civil court. It must be done either in a tribunal under the jurisdiction where the accident occurred or under the jurisdiction where the defendants reside. Next is the procedure of the court. The court hears both parties and decides the liability based on the evidence.

So, a third-party claim is quite a lengthy and complex process. Generally, in case of damages done to the vehicle, people resolve disputes outside the court to avoid the time taking and cumbersome process. Third-party claims are filed in case of death or injury, which takes a long time to get settled.

It is always advisable to have your own comprehensive insurance to repair the vehicle’s damages and avoid getting into the complex procedure of third-party claim settlement. The process of getting the expenses covered by own damage insurance is better than claiming third party insurance even if it requires giving away the NCB (No Claim Bonus).