Dr. Michael Everest Donates $1M To Medical Research

Dr. Michael Everest Donates $1M To Medical Research

COVID-19 has devastated public health systems around the world. Hospitals are being pushed to their limits in terms of ICU bed capacity. Healthcare workers are getting infected themselves. Lockdowns have been implemented everywhere to try to reduce the spread of this viral disease. Schools and offices were closed to limit people’s movements, with only essential trips being permitted. However, the economic effects are making quarantine unsustainable. The need for gradual reopening means that alternative approaches are required to fight the disease, including rapid mass testing, efficient contact tracing, and medical research. Many are doing their part to help, including Dr. Michael Everest and his nonprofit organization.

The Everest Foundation, named after his father, has dedicated millions of dollars on different projects aimed at the development of health solutions. Dr. Everest is particularly keen on supporting graduate medical education. This is his way of honoring his father, who was passionate about helping international medical graduates in their pursuit of advanced studies. He believed that they would be the next global leaders and innovators. Dr. Edwin Everest’s philanthropic legacy is now continuing thanks to the next generation who were raised around his philosophy. Both Michael and Agata Everest are actively running the foundation to make sure that its resources are maximized.

The office of The Everest Foundation is located in Los Angeles. From here, the staff reviews countless applications and provides research grants to the most promising individuals and areas of study. They look at medical institutions in the US and around the world. They hope that their efforts will result in high impact innovations in medicine to the most pressing issues of our times. These can include infectious diseases like the one that is gripping the world right now. It can also include other illnesses that have been waiting for new and better cures for decades.

Medical research takes a lot of time, so it needs people who have the patience to provide support over the long term. Dr. Michael Everest knows precisely what this process entails. He has also seen his father’s relentless advocacy in this field. These have instilled in him the understanding and the dedication required to make a difference. The Everest Foundation also assists health centers, residency programs, medical universities, and other foundations whose projects have a profound impact on different parts of the world. By supporting medical training and research, graduate students are better equipped to acquire sorely needed advanced skills.

Young researchers can bring their energy and enthusiasm in tackling problems. They can look at these from different perspectives and offer new solutions. The Everest Foundation has just donated $1 million to the Keck School of Medicine of USC  precisely to aid volunteer international postdoctoral trainees. These trainees are gearing up for research and diagnostic careers, according to USC News. The Foundation hopes to be part of the cure, and grants like this are a testament to that ideal. These volunteer doctors may soon be the pioneers of change who will make humanity better in the future, at least in this field.

This is just one of the many small deeds that can help propel a big difference. The development of human talent, especially incredible young doctors pursuing postgraduate education, will send ripple effects around the globe. It is a devout son’s contribution to the legacy of his father. Much work is still needed in fighting COVID-19 and the future pandemics that will surely come. With enough experts working hard to safeguard humanity, we’ll be in good hands. Everyone must play a part in the solution from following public health guidance for community safety to research grants with long-term aspirations. Dr. Michael Everest and The Everest Foundation are surely making their influence felt.