Do you Have These Types of Shapewear


You too want to look like models you see in fashion magazines. Just like you, celebrities and models also spend time in gyms to stay in shape. However, they also use high waisted thong shapewear and a range of other body shapers to achieve the hourglass shape that every lady desires and every man admires. There was a time when ladies had only one or two options. We are living in good time. Online shapewear stores provide you with a range of options. There are body shapers to target different parts of your body. This also makes it easy to choose the right shapewear for you. Let’s see the benefits of different types of body shapers. Here is your list:

  • Waist trainers
  • Bodysuits
  • Shorts
  • Vests
  • With Bra
  • Slips
  • Panties

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are also known as waist shapers. Do waist trainers change the shape of your body? Yes, they surely do. It takes a few seconds to achieve tangible results. You can easily reduce your waistline. How many inches will it reduce? This depends on the level of compression. However, the level of compression should not be a source of discomfort. The other benefits of using a waist trainer include posture improvement, firm and flat midsection and improved thermal activity.


Do you remember “sausage casing”? We used to use this term to refer to high waisted thong shapers and other body shapers. If you are considering shapewear for your figure, a bodysuit is the perfect foundation. You can wear a bodysuit to change the shape of your bottom, tummy and midriff. A bodysuit can do this without causing any discomfort. A body shaper can also be beneficial for a lady who wants instant tucking and lifting for any occasion.


Shorts are worth mentioning among different options available to you. Panties are not as supportive as shorts. Choose shorts of the right size if you want a bit more sculpted figure. It is a safe bet if you want zoned compression and look. In addition to controlling your tummy, shorts also lift your booty. As a result, you get your desired tantalizing silhouette.


If you want to get that streamlined silhouette then invest in the best quality vests of the right size. They provide comfort under your garment. Choose lightweight vests providing a contoured finish and ample coverage. You can easily get a sleek silhouette under a dress or any of your favorite tops. 

With Bra

There are different types of bras to achieve different looks. You can do wonders with shapewear with a bra. Many types of shapewear come with built-in bras. Just take accurate measurements and choose the right size.

When you think that you have covered pretty much everything, you often forget to consider the wobbly bits under the armpits. A body shaper with a bra lifts up the bust and minimizes flabs. So, you can enjoy an enviable figure without worrying about something getting out of place.


If you are new to the shapewear world, you may not know that slips are becoming more and more popular. Slips lift your derrière and also slim your hips and tummy. They improve the looks of the lower half and flatter your curves. You can wear your bra as well. Thanks to the convenient length of slips, they can serve the purpose of a perfect canvas under your skirts or dresses.


When it comes to body shapers, you cannot forget the importance of panties. Can you live without briefs? There are some body shapers that come with built-in panties. This is the reason why these body shapers earn special attention. In addition to shapewear with built-in panties, you can also wear shapewear panties with neat lines.   

When you are choosing high waisted thong shapewear, waist trainer or any other type of shapewear, make sure that compression levels do not cause any discomfort. Wearing too tight shapewear is not good for your health.