Your guide to home quarantine in style with these track pants

2020 has officially been a year for the books. With the Covid-19 pandemic still looming over us, the very idea of leaving the house has become obsolete.

While we may not be able to do the things we once used to, our social lives are thriving like never before. Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, and Whatsapp videos have taken over our lives for better or worse. Everything from watching a movie with our friends to date nights is done on a screen.

With our socialisation methods adjusting to this new normal, one question is above all—‘What do we wear?‘

The answer—Track pants of course!

Stylish and comfortable, a good pair of cotton track pants will get you through any event. And to nudge you in the right direction, we’ve listed down a few ways in which you guys can style yours.

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  1. Date night ready

Have a zoom date scheduled?

Well, we’ve been there, and a word of advice—you don’t want to show up in jeans.

Between the hassle of getting the WiFi to work and gorging on a delicious yet heavy meal, the last thing you need is uncomfortable clothing. Instead of wearing your regular jeans and a T-shirt ensemble, opt for a pair of slim-fit cotton black track pants men. Pair it with a loose, plain white T-shirt and an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

The contrast between loose and tight will work well together and result in a cute, casual look. Try it on and watch as your girl falls in love with you all over again.

  1. Casual friend-approved looks

Sometimes, all you need is a movie night with your best mates, especially if it’s at the end of a long day. While we totally understand not wanting to dress up, you CANNOT get on a video call in a get-up worse for wear.

Add some suave to your look by throwing on a pair of tracks for men with some lines at the sides. Wear a gym vest to complete the outfit. Trust us—you won’t regret it.

  1. The perfect workout attire

Just because you can’t step out of the house doesn’t mean that your workout has to suffer. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, and while we can’t detail out the perfect home workout for you, we can help you out with your gym outfit.

For this event, you’ll want to wear a grey joggers track pant with a thin T-shirt or gym vest. The adjustable drawstring will allow you to tighten and loosen the waist as per your preference and comfort. Additionally, the breathability of the fabric will enable you to conduct your entire workout without your sweat getting in the way.

  1. An outfit your boss will love

Monday morning office meetings are the absolute worst, but at least with the right pair of cotton track pants, you can stay comfortable and fresh.

To get that formal yet cosy vibe, start by wearing a pair of black slim-fit track pants with a fitted white or black T-shirt. Dress it up with a brown cardigan, and you’re good to go. The slim fit of the trousers and the T-shirt will offset the looseness of the cardigan and result in an ensemble that is sure to impress your boss and colleagues.

*But where do we get these track pants from?*

Well, after trying and testing cotton track pants from multiple places, we’ve concluded that the cotton track pants from Sporto are the best. Applauded for its versatile range of tracks for men, this company has a different style available for different home quarantine events and needs. The Jersey Knit Cotton Fabric and reinforced stitches used add to the comfort and durability of the piece. All their pieces, including their jogger pants, are machine dyed to improve colour retention. What’s more, most of the track pants come with side and back pockets so that you can keep your essentials safe in the off chance that you need to run to the store for groceries.

Sporto offers a wide array of colours, including black, dark grey, light grey and navy. You can even find a combination of coloured designs dispersed throughout the selection, the most famous one being a pair of black track pants with bright red sidelines.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the main reason why people adore this brand is because of its slim fit pieces. Not only can we easily style them, but the pants are also incredibly comfortable because of the material.

Now that you know everything there is to know about styling men’s track pants, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pair and start trending now.