Why Do You Need Storage Facility from Your Removalist?


Long term or short term whatever is your need for storage, our staffs are happy to help you to find theright storage solution? Our services start right from packing to storage and whenever you need your belonging back to your place, we deliver them. We offer storage facilities to our customers according to their requirements. For this, we have made a detailed study to understand the need of the customers.

After booking an appointment with us, our executives will visit your place to understand your requirement. You can use the storage either for the long term or the short term. Whatever is your need, our services remain the same.

Need for Storage Facility:

While you are moving to a new place, you may need to put your things in storage for a while. Following are the necessity for the storage facility.

  • You can store your belongings for any duration short or long time. If you are moving overseas for a couple of years and need not require to move all your stuff. You can opt for the storage facility to store your items for any duration.
  • Storage facilities can safeguard your valuables andcan be placed securely. They are wrapped in many layers to ensure they are in good condition. Either it is household or business belongings, the team can handle it to pack and send it to storage until the customer is back.
  • You can store household items, furniture, vehicles, antique or glass items at our facility. You can also use the facility as seasonal storage. For instance, If you don’t have a loft in your room, you can store the Christmas decorations as seasonal storage and use them for your winter.
  • The items will be packed by the team and placed safely in the container and whenever the customer needs it back, the team will deliver at the required spot. Therefore, there is no need for the customers to handle the things from the storage.

Services we offer:

Long-term or short-term: If you are moving out of the city for an extended period or a short period, your belongings may put you in trouble for storage. We take care of your items until you are back. The storage locations are available with security. Therefore, the customers need not worry about their belongings.

Charges: The charges are applied based on the cubic meter of the items and not by the units. They depend on the size, shape, type of the item. Few items like statues or antiques may need special containers and several layers of packing. There are no hidden charges or extra charges that will be applied.

Insurance: Opting for storage insurance is optional. Our belongings are packed safely in wooden or steel containers. Every container is numbered and tagged to avoid confusion. But if you need insurance, you can choosethe best plan. Contact our executives for the best plans.

Our experts will pack, move, and store your belongings in a safe and secure mode.We are expertized to handle large items and fine arts or antique items.  We ensure to keep the items in the best condition while storage. Discover Nuss Removals Furniture Storage services for safe, cost-effective storage. We are one of the best removalists and storage providers and work for customer satisfaction. Call us today to serve you!