Why Do You Need a Professional for Spray-on Bed Liner Application?

Protecting a truck that is used for work and transport is the job of a responsible truck owner. The bed of a pickup truck carries numerous loads, which vary according to the owner’s business.

When brand new, the pickup truck’s bed has a thin layer of factory-applied liner, to provide the bed with some protection. But that will soon wear out if the owner is not careful.

Thus, it is necessary to give the truck the utmost protection that can handle a lot of challenges, from spilled liquids and chemicals, rough and heavy items, different weather conditions, dust, stones, debris, and more. The ideal pickup truck bed protector is a spray-on bed liner.

Types of liquid truck bed liner

The liquid truck bed liner is made from liquid rubber that is combined with other materials to make it tougher yet easier to apply. The truck bed should be sanded, cleaned, and dried before the application of the liquid bed liner. This type of bed liner is form-fitting and provides a surface that can prevent loaded items from slipping and rolling. Liquid truck bed liners come in two forms.

  • Spray-on bed liners. The truck bed should be sanded to make the surface rougher. Areas with rust spots should be cleaned. It is important for the bed to be clean and thoroughly dry. The rougher surface will ensure the proper adherence of the liquid bed liner to the metal. The liner is sprayed all over the bed, the sidewalls, the tailgate, and other areas where metal is exposed. A truck bed liner spray provides good coverage, especially on seams and joints.
  • Brush-on bed liners. Some users think that this type is more durable. The preparation for application is similar, but the liner is applied with a roller or paintbrush, meaning the truck owner can apply the liner on their own.

The need for a professional applicator

While pickup truck owners are not prohibited from applying a spray-on bed liner by themselves, it is advisable to hire a professional applicator to do the job.

There are several salient reasons why it is preferable to hire a professional.


  • The product can be toxic.
  • It requires complete heavy-duty health and safety gear to protect the applicator.
  • A spray-on bed liner uses specific tools and equipment, such as a spray gun, air pressure machine, and hoppers among others.
  • The truck bed requires prep work to prepare the bed to receive the liner, which takes time and several steps.
  • The professional applicator has the right skills and training to make the job easier. An applicator knows how thick the spray-on liner should be on specific parts, and ensures even application of the product.
  • A professional applicator ensures that the product properly adheres to the surface of the truck bed. The application is done in a safe environment to prevent other things, like dirt, dust, leaves, and other materials getting into the surface while the liner is still wet.
  • Improper application of the spray-on bed liner will cause you to incur additional expenses.
  • You will receive a warranty on the professional work.

Instead of applying the spray-on truck bed liner yourself, look at the advantages a professional applicator can give you without too much hassle.