Why Do We Need KENT CamEye for Delhi Taxi Services


Cab services are quite popular in Delhi and most of the people these day plan to travel around the city through them.  They consistently ensure that people’s ride is a seamless experience, but because of some cabby’s bad intensions, people are slowly and gradually losing the trust. Every now and then cab drivers try to thug people or in some cases assault and abuse the passengers knowing the fact that no is watching.

But people instead post it socially and trust factor ultimately goes away. To carb such problems and to ensure the safety of passengers cab owners and service providers can install a dash camera or a GPS tracker in the cab.  KENT CamEye can be a perfect solution for such businesses. It is a vehicle security device that can play an important role in the security of the passengers as well as the car itself.

KENT CamEye is a device that can help taxi owners in taking care of their car and passengers with one single device. This device has dual cameras with a microphone that records everything happening inside and outside the car. It even offers live streaming to the cab manager or owner to know what is happening in the vehicle at any point in time.  The device is a 4G enabled device and comes with a 3000mAh internal battery as well as 8GB of in-built memory. This allows it to run for a limited duration, even when unplugged, and locally store a certain amount of data. The device also comes fitted with its own set of sensors that include GPS, temperature, accelerometer, and light

Here are a few of the features that can help you keep a tab on your business:

Trip Analysis:
Cab owners constantly get complaints from the drivers about the car speed, they keep complaining about the speed of the car and ask for instant repaired as otherwise, the trip will take longer than expected. To this, if you are sitting miles away; you would rather say do whatever it takes. But with KENT CamEye, you can track the car speed and can confront the driver any time. KENT CamEye offers you with route playback and trip analytics feature that provides you with the route that is travelled by car along with the speed. It even shares the entire detailed report of the trip that includes, the start time of the trip, average speed, trip duration and much more.

Live Video Streaming and 2-Way Calling:
There were times when the passengers complain about the driver’s behaviour and when the driver is interrogated about the incidence, he would simply build up a fake story and tend to present it in a way where a passenger is projected wrong.  There wasn’t any tracking to such things earlier but with KENT CamEye it was now possible. Now, you could live stream the inside of the car any time and simultaneously hear whatever the conversation is happening between the passenger and the driver. KENT CamEye has a live video streaming feature that allows you to watch what is happening inside and outside the car. It even has a 2-way calling feature that lets you talk to the driver and even the car occupants without even dialling their number.

Mobile Based AI Alerts:
Another factor that helps business owners in real-time on mobile notifications. With this, you can get constant alerts about the vehicle, for e.g. Over-speeding, noise level, engine idling, low battery, unknown driver detection etc. which helps you to stay in touch with your taxis and keep the reputation of the business extraordinary.

If you are also looking for something that can keep you connected with your business when you are not around, then KENT CamEye is certainly a perfect choice. It comes at a price tag of Rs. 17,999 with three months free subscription for the cloud features. Once the three months subscription us availed the user has to pay a monthly/ annual fee to continue using the device features, Rs 450 – 600 per month or Rs 4,500 – 6,000 per year. It can be purchased from KENT directly or it can also be purchased online via Amazon.in.