What to Look for in a Heat Pump?


When you begin shopping for a heat pump, there are a few things you need to try to find. First, makers rank the effectiveness of a lot of heat pumps in two means: HSFP and SEER rankings. Greater SEER, as well as HSFP rankings, show a more reliable system.

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating, as well as is a proportion of how much power, determined in BTUs, is pumped outside in a cooling setting split by the electricity utilized, in watts, for air conditioning. Look for a SEER score between 14-18.

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HSFP stands for heating seasonal efficiency factor. It computes the ratio of energy pumped inside for heating to energy utilized for home heating, but it’s an extra complex formula than the SEER ranking due to the fact that it likewise considers extra home heating needs as well as the power utilized to thaw the system. Try to find an HSFP ranking between 8-10.

Heat pumps often include alternatives that make them more reliable. These consist of:

  • A desuperheater coil that heats water by recycling waste warmth, or on an RCC system, a refrigerant heat reclaimer that likewise uses the pump’s added ability to warm water during light winter season weather conditions.
  • Dual-mode compressors, as well as motors, save power by adjusting down or up as per the level of cooling or heating need.
  • Scroll compressors that are quieter, more reliable as well as last longer than standard compressors.

Though a number of these attributes can just be found on a more costly heat pump, they make up for the initial expenditure by aiding heat pumps to work more effectively as well as save more power throughout the pump’s life.

So, you now understand how to acquire a heat pump; however, will it actually save you cash?

Do Heat Pumps Conserve You Money?

The cost to mount as well as run a different types of heat pumps varies quite a bit. Geothermal heat pumps are more expensive to install compared to air-source heat pumps, as high as 3 times as a lot because ground-source pumps need you to dig down to a warm resource as well as entail more complex heat transfer systems. That can obtain a little expensive depending upon the surface of your home.

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