What to Ask When Looking for a Good Property Manager in Dallas


One of the most commonly peddled assumptions on the streets is that investments in real estate can only appreciate. This was true for a brief period before the housing bubble burst in 2007. However, any private or corporate real estate investor in Dallas will tell you that it is not a fairy tale. There is so much to learn about owning a property. Those responsibilities increase multiple folds when you are looking to rent out units of your property.

The reasons stated above, and more are why property owners – both old and new – look to pass on the responsibility to a professional. However, there are still questions to ask and decisions to make before you hand over the keys. The choices you make at this point are crucial because your property manager will be an extension of you and a reflection on your tenants. Hence, the need to cover all the bases before you choose a property manager. The following questions should help you make an informed decision before choosing property management in Dallas.

Ask about Their Level and Type of Experience

Before you hire property management in Dallas, you should ask about the kind of experience they have. Different types of properties have different demands, so professional property management companies usually choose to concentrate their efforts in the areas they are most adept at. Their knowledge and expertise can help you find opportunities to grow and increase your estate.

Ask about their Fees

Property management comes at a cost, and you should know the details before you choose any property manager. Any property management company worth its mettle will not throw expenses at you because it would scare almost anyone off. However, you can tell a lot about the service you are signing up for with these metrics. When the price is too high, it has to even out somehow, usually becoming a burden on your tenants. Suspiciously low prices should also set your alarms ringing. You should also ask if they charge a flat rate or a percentage.

What Services Are My Paying for?

A top-tier property management company in Dallas should offer you services that include rent collection, property maintenance, tenant screening, legal representation, financial and accounting services, among others. You can make a list of the services you need from your property manager to not miss out on anything you think is essential.

Ask for a Little Detail

This is where you ask for some more. It should also give you an insight into how much they are willing to help you understand what you are getting into. You can ask questions like –

  • Ask how they will market your property when there is a vacancy.
  • How often are you available to help my tenants and potential renters?
  • How do you vet tenants to make sure they are good fits?
  • How long does it typically take to fill a vacancy at the properties you currently manage?

Questions like these help you get a feel of the operations of your prospective management company.

How Will You Communicate with Me?

Even though you are handing over the day-to-day management to the professionals, you should still be in the loop. That is why you need to know how the management company communicates with their customers. Ask about their mode of communication, frequency, and availability, not only for you but also for your tenants. You are not paying a premium to get complaints about a broken pipe in one of your units during the weekend.

These questions and more will help you choose the right management company for your property in Dallas. A property management company in Dallas such as Local Dwelling would be more than happy to answer all the questions you have before taking a big step. The right company will help your real estate grow. That, we can assure you.